Pick a card for the week of 4th to 10th February, 2019


Gorgeous Souls,


Thank you for stopping by to read the upcoming week’s guidance messages. A lot of cleansing, healing, and balancing has been going on at the Tarot with Sonnyaa Siingh HQ which is one of the reasons why I missed last week’s post and have not been very regular with posting the messages.


I have learned a lot about the importance of drawing healthy boundaries, working with moon cycles and honoring our own body’s cycles and rhythms and also, cutting out toxic people from my life, who sometimes can be the very people you consider your friends.


We are in the realm of the Dark Moon and New Moon phases at the moment. What is the difference? some of you may wonder. The Dark Moon phase is the time when there is zero visibility of the Moon in the night sky which typically occurs a day or two before the New Moon. The New Moon phase occurs when the Moon is still hidden from view but casts a tiny sliver of light from the night sky.


This phase is about turning inward and supports self-reflection. The Dark Moon phase is also the perfect time to banish and release energies that are unhealthy and no longer needed in your life. I think this is a perfect time to engage in cleansing and healing rituals. Then, during the New Moon, you can wipe the slate clean and set new intentions. Someday soon I will write about my own experiences and what I do during this phase.


Now, moving onto the weekly guidance message, I kept it simple this time and drew three cards from my beloved Rider Tarot deck. Have you decided on a number? If not, then now is the time to choose a number focusing on next week from 1, 2 and 3. When you are ready, scroll down to read your message.




Please note that this is a general reading for us as a collective. The messages will have unique guidance for each of you and could manifest in your own life in different ways. Look for the themes and keep the reminders in your mind. If you have a personal situation where you need guidance or help determine the best path forward or what you can expect going forward, then I would love to do your personal reading and share the messages with you. To book your reading, please visit the ‘Buy a Tarot Reading‘ section of my site.





Before we get to the card reveal, let’s take a look at the Universal message for the upcoming week – Bright Future. Goddess Laxmi graces us with her presence and seeing Laxmi’s energy is a positive sign in all areas of life. Goddess Laxmi is associated with wealth and abundance. This week brings us blessings in many forms in both our material and spiritual world. If finances have been a cause of worry in your life, take heart. A solution to your problem is on the horizon. Laxmi reminds us to stop worrying too much and to not give away all our personal power to fear. She resides in the Mooladhara chakra and encourages you to develop a stronger connection with mother earth this week, who nourishes and gives to us in so many ways each day. Eat nourishing food, move and stretch your body, breathe in the fresh air and affirm positive statements.




At number 1, we have the Ace of Swords. Time to speak your truth and be assertive. Don’t take sh** from anyone. If people are taking undue advantage of your good nature, it is important to lay a few ground rules down and draw healthy boundaries.



Something else that I am picking up with this card is the need to communicate clearly this week. You may be involved in a perplexing situation with others. If you don’t speak up and speak clearly, you may face opposition or conflict from others. Communicate effectively for better results and to make your opinion count.


A solution to an existing dilemma will also come to some of you who are battling through a situation. This solution may not be what you had in mind but it will be a fair one and will clear the mental fog. Do the right thing.


A few suggestions: If you love crystals, Amethyst and Clear quartz will be your best friends this week. Prayer, visualization, and a detox (if you need one) will help you connect to your wisdom and bring clarity and divine assistance.




At number 2, we have Temperance. This week starts off with a New Moon and Gorgeous soul, you have some work to do with respect to cleansing, healing, and balancing. What area of your life are you struggling with? What pain do you need to release in order to bring balance into your life? Whom do you need to forgive?



When your heart is open to healing, your connection with your crown chakra will be strengthened and you will receive divine downloads to aid you on your path. You will receive the mental clarity and wisdom to move forward on your purpose. These two chakra centers (Crown and Heart) need your attention this week.


This week is also going to open the window for you to forgive someone from your past. Old anger and hurt are acting as a barrier to your progress. Dig this situation and let it go with love and blessings. Forgiveness is the key to your healing.


Some of you may find yourself in situations where your strength and patience is put to test. Don’t let these situations invoke anger within you. learn to work in harmony with others and no matter how bad the temptation, do not give into fights and abuse. Sometimes, it helps to keep in mind the other person’s perspective as well.


And oh yes, practice patience and being in the present.


A few suggestions: Work with your Guardian Angel(s) or an Archangel you connect with this week or Archangels Raphael and Chamuel. Seek their assistance to help you on your healing journey. Malachite, jade, and peridot are great crystals to befriend this week. Include plenty of greens in your diet.




At number 3, we have the 9 of Wands in reverse.


Let’s talk about boundaries. While it is good to have them in place, sometimes, we can go overboard and shut out everything and everyone from making way into our lives (even the blessings). Reevaluate the boundaries you have set in place for yourself. Is it protecting you or isolating you? Is it empowering you or making you a cynical person who is finding it hard to trust anyone?



Some of you need to lower down your walls so that you can allow good things to come into your life as well. Give yourself permission to have fun and enjoy life a little.


Yes, this week you also need to take care of your energy. But not necessarily through resting or sleeping for hours. But by infusing your life with some fun activities. Perhaps going an adventurous trip or a similar activity can refresh and rejuvenate you.


I also feel that many of you are lacking the strength and inspiration to keep going at this time. You are tired of doing the ‘work’ and want to see the results. Beautiful Soul, you are very close to the accomplishment of your goals. You have come this far. Don’t give up now. Muster your strength and give it all you got.


A few suggestions: When I am feeling tired or depleted on an energetic level, basking in the morning sunlight helps refill my energy tank. Solar plexus healing and balancing will help you this week. Citrine, Amber and Tiger’s eye will help you feel confident and secure in your skin. Include more pineapples, bananas, oats, and yellow colored food in your diet.


Blessings and Love


  1. Kruti says:

    So beautifully written blog.. Loved it.. Totally connected with my card.. Thanks.. N wish u luck for all ur future endeavours..

    1. Sonnyaa Siingh says:

      Thank you, kruti.

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