Divine Guidance for 3rd December, 2019



Healing is not always sunshine and rainbows. It often brings us face to face with the situations and attributes that we fear and resist. But only by acknowledging these fears and releasing them can we truly be free of their hold upon us.



Today’s message speaks to us about emotional healing. Some of you have buried your emotions deep and blocked their expression. Past trauma and heartbreaking situations created such intense emotional upheaval in your lives that you could not fully process your feelings and make peace with it. This could be one of the reasons for your unexplained anger, passive-aggressive behavior, lack of confidence and issues related to trust.



Stop continuing to bury these emotions deeper. They will only rot and rise to create more unpleasant situations. Instead, take responsibility for your healing today and work through these difficult emotions. It will be quite a challenging task at first, yes, but at the end of it, you will come out feeling lighter and relaxed. You will notice that as a counter-effect, many other blocks will start dissolving from your life, as well.



So how do we go about this healing? First of all, there is no shame in seeking therapy and consulting a qualified person to help you. Apart from this, take note of the anger, frustration, and stress that sneaks up on you next time. Sit with it, understand why it is there and welcome the lesson it has to teach you. Often, unacknowledged parts of ourselves simply seek acknowledgment and acceptance to bring about healing.



You may even choose to work with your guides, guardian angels, and archangels. Archangel Uriel’s fiery yellow energy can help you burn all negative emotions. Call upon his assistance while entering a deep state of meditation.



If some of you notice that people from your past or old situations are flashing in your mind, or if you end up facing the same old roundabout situations, take this as a sign that there is a divine reason for this occurrence. Either you have some forgiveness and releasing to do and/or, the Universe is allowing you to break free of a pattern by handling things differently.



Whatever happens, today, notice your triggers and pay attention to what you need to release and heal from. Every moment of anger, aggression, pain, and unforgiveness is here to tell you – Stop lugging this baggage and let it go so that you can be free and move forward to the next chapter of your life.



Om Namah Shivaya 

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