Chakra Reading

Hey Beautiful Souls,


This is a mini chakra reading for us all as a collective. Our Chakras are the energy centers that represent various functions in our bodies and their maintenance and care help us live a more balanced life. In this mini chakra reading, I want you to pick a card set that you feel drawn to for a message.






If you chose the number 1, then you have a message from your Throat chakra and the Son of fire.




Ah! Who doesn’t love music, right? With this card set, I am sensing the need for you to introduce the power of healing music in your environment to uplift the energy of your space and to also aid in your own healing. This card is also encouraging you to enter a place of verbal silence. There is a message for some of you here to choose loving words and maintain peaceful interactions in all your dealings. Use your power of expression more mindfully. It is possible that some of you may be experiencing tension and argumentative energy in your space and surroundings. While we cannot control others and their reactions, we can certainly control our own. Through the power of healing music, chants, and mantras, you can tap into the divine power of sound to help you get in touch with your personal power. Let the sound of music and the healing of Throat chakra, help you connect with your creativity and personal power.


If you were drawn to the number 2, your message comes from the Sacral Chakra and the Daughter of Water.



Your Sacral chakra needs attention, beautiful soul. This is the energy center of pleasure and desires. Take a moment to observe the things you are chasing after. Are these really worth your time and effort? There is a need for you to heal certain addictions that are harming you. Addictions are not just limited to harmful substances but also to harmful behavior, thought processes, and actions. The Daughter of water reminds you to make space for releasing and healing. If some of you are experiencing health issues around this chakra center which is located below your navel, then sacral chakra healing and working with the color orange can serve as an additional form of therapy to your existing one.


If you were drawn to the number 3, your message comes from the Third eye chakra and The Sun card.




The very first thing these cards are guiding you to do is to dream big and start expecting more for yourself, beautiful soul. The past is beyond your reach but your present holds all the power in helping you create the future you desire. You are a dreamer but it is time for you to now become a conscious dreamer. Only hold the image of what you desire to create in your mind and not what you fear or don’t need. Did you know that your third eye is the energy center that helps with your manifestation ability? Visualization exercises and meditations are excellent practices to help you on your journey right now. Spend time getting to know and heal your third eye chakra center. Your future is in your hands.


I hope this reading serves you well.


Love and Blessings.

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