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Healing is not always sunshine and rainbows. It often brings us face to face with the situations and attributes that we fear and resist. But only by acknowledging these fears and releasing them can we truly be free of their hold upon us.



Today’s message speaks to us about emotional healing. Some of you have buried your emotions deep and blocked their expression. Past trauma and heartbreaking situations created such intense emotional upheaval in your lives that you could not fully process your feelings and make peace with it. This could be one of the reasons for your unexplained anger, passive-aggressive behavior, lack of confidence and issues related to trust.



Stop continuing to bury these emotions deeper. They will only rot and rise to create more unpleasant situations. Instead, take responsibility for your healing today and work through these difficult emotions. It will be quite a challenging task at first, yes, but at the end of it, you will come out feeling lighter and relaxed. You will notice that as a counter-effect, many other blocks will start dissolving from your life, as well.



So how do we go about this healing? First of all, there is no shame in seeking therapy and consulting a qualified person to help you. Apart from this, take note of the anger, frustration, and stress that sneaks up on you next time. Sit with it, understand why it is there and welcome the lesson it has to teach you. Often, unacknowledged parts of ourselves simply seek acknowledgment and acceptance to bring about healing.



You may even choose to work with your guides, guardian angels, and archangels. Archangel Uriel’s fiery yellow energy can help you burn all negative emotions. Call upon his assistance while entering a deep state of meditation.



If some of you notice that people from your past or old situations are flashing in your mind, or if you end up facing the same old roundabout situations, take this as a sign that there is a divine reason for this occurrence. Either you have some forgiveness and releasing to do and/or, the Universe is allowing you to break free of a pattern by handling things differently.



Whatever happens, today, notice your triggers and pay attention to what you need to release and heal from. Every moment of anger, aggression, pain, and unforgiveness is here to tell you – Stop lugging this baggage and let it go so that you can be free and move forward to the next chapter of your life.



Om Namah Shivaya 

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Perfect Acceptance!



Can you truly say at this moment that you accept yourself for everything that you are and embody? Very few of us would say ‘Yes’ because most of us have not come to an acceptance of who we are and what gifts we own. We always want to be better than or on par with someone else, don’t we?



While it is not wrong to strive to do your best and be your best, the trouble starts when we become obsessed with wanting to be like someone else be it a celebrity or someone else you admire (or perhaps, envy). The problem starts when you try too hard to copy another’s style and methods dismissing your own unique creativity. When you deny your gifts, demean yourself and glorify another to be better than you.







In the constant pursuit of wanting to be like someone else, we ignore, belittle and criticize ourselves one too many times. In our eyes, we are nothing. We have a list of dozen or more things about us that we don’t like or are unhappy with. From not having the perfect set of teeth, hair, complexion, to money, car, house, etc.



Listen, my friend! The grass will always seem greener, thicker, and lush on the other side. We will always look at what we cannot or don’t have and yearn for it as though it is the only thing that can truly complete us. Stop falling into this trap of thinking that everything that you want and everything that can truly fulfill you is out there being owned and flaunted by someone else. Have you ever wondered that someone could be envying you for what you possess? That someone could be wanting to be where you are? Start owning yourself for who you are. Respect, love, adore and admire yourself for the beautiful being that you are. Take time to reflect upon and embrace the skills, gifts, and blessings that you possess right now. You may start focusing on the flaws first but you do possess some gifts as well which you must consciously start bringing into your awareness. No one can be YOU and also, YOU can’t be another.



This card comes bearing the wisdom to live in perfect acceptance, today. Accept life for what it is right now and for who you are instead of struggling, fighting and lamenting over what you don’t have. You will be amazed at what you discover on this journey of self-realization and self-acceptance. Soon n it will dawn upon you that you don’t need heroes or inspiration outside of yourself. You are already one and that anybody else outside of yourself can only inspire you to do and become your best. But you don’t have to be them, look like them, or possess what they have to be truly happy, fulfilled and be successful.



Special thanks to my friend Indy today for offering the inspiration to write this post.



Sonya Singh | Om Namah Shivaya



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Our collective message today is emphasizing on the need for us all to heal our hearts. Whether from a recent setback or from a wound you have been carrying around for some time now, the primary message for you all is to know that you are not alone. You don’t have to suffer in silence or feel left out. Support is available in the form of people, pets, and spirit.



Often some of us use rebound relationships as a coping mechanism for dealing with a broken heart. When one relationship comes crashing down, we try to make the pain disappear by jumping into another. If you find yourself in this place right now, know that this is not the solution to healing the pain. On the contrary, this pain will only get worse and bleed into all other relationships and lead to more dissatisfaction and disappointments. Take the time to heal first and avoid the temptation to binge date.



There are plenty of resources available to us in the present time that can help facilitate our healing. There are various modalities to choose from, practitioners to visit, books to read, and techniques to explore. Choose what works for you and follow the path to your healing.



If you are feeling drained on an emotional, physical or mental level, choose few activities today and rest. Get enough sleep, cuddle with your pets, talk to a good friend, spend time in the company of loved ones who motivate you and can hold the space for you to pour out your feelings. You may even want to cleanse your living quarters and get rid of items, dirt, and even objects that bring back painful memories. Do meditation to heal your chakras focusing especially on your heart center. Incorporate the colors pink and green into your life and avoid dull colors such as black and gray.



You are in charge of your healing, not others. Don’t wait for tomorrow or find quick fixes that can cover up the wound but will not remedy the source.



I hope this message serves you all well, loves.



These are messages for us all as a collective and may or may not resonate with all. Therefore I suggest, take what clicks and leave the rest. If you would like to book a personalized session, check out the  Buy a Tarot Reading section or write to me at Sonnyaasiingh@gmail.com. If that seems like too much, just drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram.



Sonya Singh

~ Om Namah Shivaya ~

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