Fortune Card Reading



Hello Gorgeous creations of the Divine,



Welcome to your Weekly Fortune reading. If you are here, I am assuming you have already chosen a number/pile for your weekly guidance. If not, no sweat. Take a peek at the image below and choose a number or pile that calls you out.







These are general messages so take what resonates and leave the rest. Also, these are messages for the following week. So wait until the week has passed to see how these messages play out in your life.



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Now, let’s get to the juicy part of this post – your fortune for the week ahead.




If you chose the number 1, your cards are Lion, Hammock, and Flowers.



This week loves, a situation could test your strength and patience. Don’t lose your cool. Muster some courage and take the necessary action steps for your peace and well-being. Confidence is an attractive quality and some of you are being given the nudge to think more of yourself and push out of the comfort zone you have cozied into. Balance that bright and yellowy solar plexus chakra to remove any anxiety and start building your self-esteem. If you are unhappy with the way someone is treating you, stand up and speak up.



Now, joy and happiness are also on the menu if you are up for the taking. Happiness is a state of being so don’t wait for situations to turn bright in order to be happy. Choose to be happy and live in acceptance each moment. The following week will bring you some peaceful moments as well. You will experience joy, perhaps after a little struggle.



A vacation is on the cards for some. Even if it’s not, why not plan one soon? Going on a temporary retreat will do you a whole world of good and help you reinvigorate your tired mind and body.



Make self-care a priority, loves. From time to time, disconnect from all the extraneous noise and demands. Schedule some time only for yourself. Visit a park or a garden and absorb the healing energies of plants, flowers, and trees. Slow down and watch the sunset or listen to the chirping of the birds as the dawn breaks. Sometimes, we don’t have to travel far and away to recharge and seek peace. Healing powers are stored amidst the simple and beautiful creations of this wondrous Universe.




If you chose the number 2 or the second pile, your cards are the teapot, coins, and dog – close up.



When was the last time you had a refreshing cup of your favorite beverage with a dear friend? Even if you did this recently, there is no harm in scheduling more fun and chirpy moments with that BFF this week. I see conversations, chitter-chatter, laughter, and heart-to-hearts with someone close to you.  Make time for those special people in your lives this week and nurture your close connections. Some of you may even meet a new friend or deepen your friendship with an existing one.



Pleasure and good times are indicated with a close friend. For some of you and not all, friendship may develop in a new direction. Someone close to you may offer you some sage wisdom that could open the doors to new opportunities.



Who doesn’t like the sound of Ka-ching? Good news related to money arrives. Some of you will need to seek this path and not just wait for it. Notice opportunities and offers. Abundance is yours to claim so make good use of this period. Open new channels through which money could come to you. Take a close look at your investment options. If you are waiting to receive a stuck payment or money from someplace, this week, the wait may come to an end.




If you chose the number 3 or the last pile, your cards are frying pan, mice, and tulip.



This week, you may feel plenty of zeal and passion towards something. But make sure this energy is funneled in the right direction and not on bickering and arguments. I am sensing some moments of frustrations in the cards that could lead to angry outbursts. Your relationship with others stands the risk of being damaged. So take wise action steps and think before you speak or act.



If you smell trouble brewing from afar, don’t get too close to the fire. Be proactive in avoiding situations and people who could become problematic for you. A heated argument could take place in some of your lives where friends and family members are concerned. Try to keep your cool and learn to deal with challenging situations more peacefully.



Some of you also need to be wary of those things and people in your life who are taking too much away from you. This could be taking your time, your energy or even your resources. Whether this is a friend or a family member or an outside situation, draw healthy boundaries and don’t martyr away your happiness and well-being.



Notice the depleting factors in your life, loves. What are some of the things that are draining out your energy and resources? Is there a monthly subscription that you don’t use that is taking away small chunks of your money each month?  Are there any hidden charges that you have been missing out on? Are there any unhealthy habits that are slowly gnawing away your well-being? Find and eliminate before it’s too late.



And I saved the best for last – this week may also bring you some passionate and romantic moments. Make the most of the good times.



Wishing all a Blessed week ahead!



Sonnyaa Siingh 

~ Om Namah Shivaya ~

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