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Beautiful Souls,


We are in the midst of such powerful energies right now. With a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse looming over us, emotions can be felt more intensely today and a lot of stuff may come up to the surface for clearing, reviewing and cleansing.




Speaking of reviewing, we have the 7 of Pentacles, today. Eclipses are a great time to review our life, goals, situations, and make adjustments where necessary. Take a look at how far you have come these past few months. Have you made any progress? Notice what worked and what didn’t work for you and decide now on how you would like to proceed further.

If some of you are wondering whether a project, goal or a dream you have in mind is achievable, I would say, be prepared for hard work. Astrologically, the 7 of Pentacles is linked to Saturn in the sign of Taurus. I love how Tarot and Astrology go hand in hand most times as this Lunar eclipse is taking place in Sagittarius which is currently occupied by Saturn (I follow Vedic astrology).




Where Saturn comes, we must brace ourselves for hard work and slow progress. We will be pushed out of our comfort zones to put in extra efforts and do the work if we want to see solid results. Visualizations, setting clear intentions and affirmations need to be backed up with practical action steps. A laidback attitude will not do. Be willing to passionately work towards your dreams and you will be rewarded for your deserving efforts.  Similarly, if you have worked hard at something these past few months, you are very close to reaping the fruits of your hard labor.


Today is perfect for self-reflection, meditation, or any spiritual practice that can connect you with your higher self. If you sincerely set the intention to be guided and sit in silence for a few moments, connecting with your favorite deity or the energy you feel drawn to working with, you will receive inspiration, guidance, and insights. I highly recommend spending this day more mindfully. If possible, avoid any heavy-duty work and make time for solitary musings. Being out in the crowd can be draining so protect your energy. Spend this day being more in tune with what you want and focusing on self-care. Self-care could be as simple as reading a book or brewing a cup of herbal tea for yourself. So don’t get intimidated by the word self-care but just do what feels like rest and relaxation to you.




Now is also not the right time to rush into decision-making. Especially today with the eclipse energy in the atmosphere, it is best to avoid making decisions based on impulse and emotions. Even more when your own inner compass is guiding you to slow down and giving you a big ‘No’ about something.



May this message serve you well, lovelies! Blessed Full Moon.

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Blessed Full Moon to All,


How is this Libran Moon energy treating you all? I hope you are taking good care of yourself and are in tune with your body’s wisdom.


In this post, you get to choose your message for this Full Moon from a set of three piles. I am using the Osho Zen Tarot, Chakra Insight Oracle, and the Self-Care cards for the reading.


Take a moment to breathe deeply and center yourself. Be here, in the present. See yourself rooted in the earth and supported by the warm energy of mother earth. Take a good look at the picture of the cards below and notice what pile draws your attention. Go with what clicks without overthinking and trust that there will be an important message for you in this post at this time.




Bear in mind that this is a general reading for us all as a collective. So take what resonates. If you would like to address a more personal situation through a reading, you can book a reading with me by visiting the Buy a Tarot reading section of this site or by using the Contact form to reach me.


After you have chosen your pile, scroll down to read the messages.


Pile 1: Innocence, Sacral Chakra, Patience





The Sacral or Svadhisthana chakra, ruled by the element of water, is the seat of your creativity and your senses. It also rules your emotions and thereby, all your relationships, even the one you share with yourself.


Are you fully in touch with your emotions? Are you living life to the fullest? How passionate and excited do you feel about life at this time?


As we grow older and get exposed to the full spectrum of our reality, we lose our innocence. We go to great lengths to feel good and constantly seek happiness outside, forgetting that it resides within us. We lose touch with that innocent, fun, and creative side of us. Suddenly life becomes busy, boring, lethargic, uninteresting, tough, bitter, and a few negative experiences create firm negative beliefs that further disconnect us from the source of joy which is within ourselves.


Some of you may find yourself in this place right now. You have forgotten how to enjoy and savor each moment of your life. You may be feeling disconnected with your own passion and desires. Your relationships may have been difficult and old pain may be keeping you from seeing the bright and beautiful side of life.


This Full Moon, take inventory of your emotions and do a cleansing and releasing ritual. It doesn’t have to be something fancy or elaborate. A short meditation is enough. Cut all the cords of negative attachment and obsession that you may be holding towards someone or something. Stop being too serious and do something fun and playful. Send healing and love to your Sacral chakra (located below the navel region). This chakra center is also called the ‘sex chakra’. Some of you are being guided to explore your sexuality more deeply.


No matter how bad you think your past experiences have been, leave them be in the past and turn a new leaf over. Open yourself to new experiences.


You may be in this place right now where you are growing impatient and uncertain about life and your goals. You are tired of the waiting and this is making you lose faith in your dreams. Or, it is also possible that something or someone you thought was perfect for you turned out to be the opposite. Your message says – Be willing to pass up good for great. This may not be what you want to hear but patience is important right now. Let go of what has not worked out and rekindle the innocence and passion within you and prepare to welcome new adventures.


This Full Moon energy is about big cleansings. It is about pushing the reset button on life and learning to enjoy while your dreams manifest in the background. The more happy and present you are in the moment, the more fun you will have and the quicker your goals and new visions will greet you on your path.


Blessings and Love, Beautiful Soul.




Pile 2: Intelligence, Courage, Self-love.



Your cards show me that Courage is needed in your life right now. A situation may have presented itself as a roadblock and you will need to rely on your inner strength to rise above it. The good news is, you have what it takes to come out of this challenge/crisis. Thank this current predicament as it is chiseling you into becoming who you truly are.


Often courage comes through inspiration. People who have walked a similar path as you earlier, set fine examples, offer valuable tips and instill motivation within you. This is a good time to seek such inspiration, learn new techniques and read success stories, that can help you gain a positive perspective. Turn to books or resources that can help you on your current path. Be inspired by the stories of others who have overcome challenges similar to yours.


If you are caught up in a dilemma, know that a little bit of research and knowledge can help you make better decisions.


There is another message for you this Full Moon, beautiful soul, and it has to do with taking care of your body, mind, and soul. You need all the energy and strength you can muster in the days to come to rise and shine. So give yourself the gift of self-care and self-love. Treat yourself with kindness and love. Pamper your body and only engage in acts that support your growth right now.


Your human battery needs to be recharged in order for you to function better in the days to come. Plug out of all the extraneous noise and take time for yourself.


Blessings and Love, Beautiful Soul.




Pile 3: Family, Friendship, Guilt





While some are being guided to disconnect during this phase, your guidance is to reconnect with those who love and support you in life. You have been single-handedly dealing with a lot of stress and perhaps, even guilt of some kind. You may be very susceptible to letting the negative voices lower your vibration right now and isolating yourself and brooding over losses is not the best way to go at this time.


Allow helpful people and supportive friends to step in and lighten up your world. Spend time hanging out with people who can serve as a positive distraction and perk up your outlook. Make time for family (whoever makes you feel like home).


It is important that you take a break from the stress of this busy world and be in the company of those who nurture you. Even if you cannot find someone who can play this role in your life, let Spirit offer you support.


I also feel that many of you reading this part of the post are in need of rest. Maybe you aren’t sleeping well and enough and your body is demanding more rest. Honor the need to nurture yourself and allow kindred souls to help you through your current phase.


What dark thoughts are consuming your energy right now? Step into your power and be aware that you are the master of your mind and not the other way. You hold the power to shift your thinking and choose to release guilt, regret, and negative thoughts.


Your Root/Base Chakra needs healing and the best way to do this is to turn to nature and spend time rejuvenating in natural settings. In the next few days, focus more on getting in touch with the natural world. You can choose to visit a beach, take a walk amongst trees, retreat to the mountains, or choose to visit a local park. Allow nature to cleanse your energy. Do deep breathing exercises and stick to a natural diet rich in life force energy.



Blessings and Love, Beautiful Soul.

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We have a Pink Moon or Growing Moon coming up on the 19th of April and I was curious to check on the energy it is bringing for us. According to Diane Ahlquist, author of the book ‘’Moon Spells’’, it is called a ‘Pink moon’ because the Spring fills up the meadows with the Pink heads of wildflowers and new grasses.



This reading is not based on the astrological alignments but on what Spirit wants to share with us through the cards.


For those of you who would prefer a video version of this same reading, here’s the link to a short 10 minute Youtube video that I recorded.




Bear in mind that this is a general reading for us all as a collective. So take what resonates. If you would like to address a more personal situation through a reading, you can book a reading with me by visiting the Buy a Tarot reading section of this site or by using the Contact form to reach me.


The Energy at play during this Full Moon



We are transitioning. A lot of us are feeling like the fly in the ‘Transition’ card, caught in a web. We don’t know what our current situation/circumstance has got to teach us and how long this period is going to last. But remember, even if it doesn’t seem apparent, you are healing. Your heart is mending. Your heart center is clearing and opening more. I get this feeling that a huge emotional cleansing is taking place for many of us at this time and we must be ready to let go of control and go with the flow. This will not be time wasted. This is sort of like a hibernation period, where you are getting acquainted with your inner power. Some of you may be discovering the strength that you never thought you possessed. You may be getting clearer about your goals and receiving more clarity on situations that previously confused you. You may be ready to shed the old ways because it no longer resonates with you. Whatever this energy is feeling like at the moment for you, know that this is taking you one step closer to identifying who you truly are, what you truly desire, and what you no longer should be taking with you on your journey ahead. So respect this feeling of being stuck and take the time to let healing miracles unfold.



Our Advice on how to navigate this Full Moon cycle


These lovely cards speak to me of the need to choose love and embrace your inner power. Keep your eyes focused on the future. Keep moving with grace like the beautiful swan pictured in the ‘Confirmation’ card, trusting that you are being led towards a better path.





Some of you have been seeing signs. Your intuition may be all fired up, laying more synchronicities on your path and nudging you to take some action steps necessary for your good. Whatever you are feeling or not feeling, take it as a sign. There are no co-incidences during this time. The Universe is sending you big confirmations about your path ahead and the choices to make. Pay heed.


I also feel that for some of you, relationships are the central theme during this Moon cycle. If you are seeking the right relationships, then the Universe is guiding you towards it. But sometimes, to accomplish this goal, the Universe also guides us to be free from the clutches of toxic relationships and people who act like energy sucking parasites in our life. Some of your relationships may be crumbling and thought it is painful now, this is happening because this relationship is no longer conducive to your soul’s growth. It is diminishing your inner power. It is robbing you of your vital life force and making you weak. Let it go.


Stay strong rooted in absolute faith as you pass through this transitional cycle. You are coming into your true power through your current tests. You are being led towards something beautiful, sacred, and loving. The Universe is rigged in your favor, always, and sends you signs and synchronicities to show you the way forward. Be in touch with your own intuition and keep releasing that which no longer vibes with you.


You are very close to discovering your true potential and getting acquainted with your inner power. You will be awakening to your true power which will help you see why the past has been difficult and why certain things didn’t go as per your plan. It was never meant for you.


I will be posting a ‘Pick a card’ reading for this Full Moon for you. Stay tuned and look out for the next post, soon.

Have a Blessed Full Moon Lovelies!

Sonnyaa Siingh

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