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Perfect Acceptance!



Can you truly say at this moment that you accept yourself for everything that you are and embody? Very few of us would say ‘Yes’ because most of us have not come to an acceptance of who we are and what gifts we own. We always want to be better than or on par with someone else, don’t we?



While it is not wrong to strive to do your best and be your best, the trouble starts when we become obsessed with wanting to be like someone else be it a celebrity or someone else you admire (or perhaps, envy). The problem starts when you try too hard to copy another’s style and methods dismissing your own unique creativity. When you deny your gifts, demean yourself and glorify another to be better than you.







In the constant pursuit of wanting to be like someone else, we ignore, belittle and criticize ourselves one too many times. In our eyes, we are nothing. We have a list of dozen or more things about us that we don’t like or are unhappy with. From not having the perfect set of teeth, hair, complexion, to money, car, house, etc.



Listen, my friend! The grass will always seem greener, thicker, and lush on the other side. We will always look at what we cannot or don’t have and yearn for it as though it is the only thing that can truly complete us. Stop falling into this trap of thinking that everything that you want and everything that can truly fulfill you is out there being owned and flaunted by someone else. Have you ever wondered that someone could be envying you for what you possess? That someone could be wanting to be where you are? Start owning yourself for who you are. Respect, love, adore and admire yourself for the beautiful being that you are. Take time to reflect upon and embrace the skills, gifts, and blessings that you possess right now. You may start focusing on the flaws first but you do possess some gifts as well which you must consciously start bringing into your awareness. No one can be YOU and also, YOU can’t be another.



This card comes bearing the wisdom to live in perfect acceptance, today. Accept life for what it is right now and for who you are instead of struggling, fighting and lamenting over what you don’t have. You will be amazed at what you discover on this journey of self-realization and self-acceptance. Soon n it will dawn upon you that you don’t need heroes or inspiration outside of yourself. You are already one and that anybody else outside of yourself can only inspire you to do and become your best. But you don’t have to be them, look like them, or possess what they have to be truly happy, fulfilled and be successful.



Special thanks to my friend Indy today for offering the inspiration to write this post.



Sonya Singh | Om Namah Shivaya



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Hey Beautiful Souls! Happy Thursday and Happy Lionsgate 2019.



Today is a highly, spiritually charged day as we are said to be in a high vibrational phase called Lionsgate portal which opens from July 26th to August 12th. However, the energy is at its peak today on the 8th of August (8/8). There is plenty of information available on the web about Lionsgate. Just google it out, if you want to know more.



I am excited to share the cards of the day today because we have The Sun as our daily guidance card. We are currently cruising through the Leo season and Sun is the ruler of Leo. Plus, with this whole Lion’s gate thing happening, the message is quite clear, we are in a high vibrational place and our goal today is to stay positive and spread as much positivity as we can. We are welcoming a new surge of illumination energy into our lives. Blessed changes are occurring.





Sun is an important planet in astrology as it represents our soul and it is also the life-giving force without which we cannot survive. Sun brings illumination and dispels darkness. It is always a welcome sign in Tarot readings. Because the Sun represents ‘Father’, my suggestion to you all today would be to do something special for your dad. Even when you have shared a difficult relationship with your father, now is a time to heal and let go of the pain. In the unfortunate event where some of you don’t have your father with you in person anymore, honor their memory by offering flowers at their grave or keeping a bouquet of their favorite flowers next to their picture, today. Father healing is an important part of our life. When we hold onto pain and difficult emotions towards our parents, it affects our worldly life in ways that we can’t imagine.



I think this day will bring joy to many of us. Good news may be on the way. A sense of well-being may diffuse through our life. Celebrate this day and send out only positive thoughts and intentions to the Universe when it comes to your life. Kids may be a great source of joy, too. Allow the tiny tots to introduce you to a whole new world. Play, rejoice, and cater to your own inner child too, in the process.





We also have a message today to be flexible with our beliefs. The Sun also represents our ego and sometimes, we develop a tendency to always be right. We don’t always give others the chance to speak up and be heard because, in our minds, we believe that we know what is best for us. If we stick to this way of thinking, we will never grow and evolve. Sometimes, great ideas and best advice can come through another.



Today, rise above the though that you know it all and you know what is best for you. Be willing to listen to others point of view. Allow others to share their part of the story and have their say in a matter. Be willing to hear someone out not only in your personal relationships but also in professional scenarios.



Sometimes, it is okay to not have all the information. It is okay to be wrong about something. You live, you learn, you grow.


I  hope this message will serve you well today or whenever you are lead here.


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~ Om Namah Shivaya ~

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Beautiful Souls,


We are in the midst of such powerful energies right now. With a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse looming over us, emotions can be felt more intensely today and a lot of stuff may come up to the surface for clearing, reviewing and cleansing.




Speaking of reviewing, we have the 7 of Pentacles, today. Eclipses are a great time to review our life, goals, situations, and make adjustments where necessary. Take a look at how far you have come these past few months. Have you made any progress? Notice what worked and what didn’t work for you and decide now on how you would like to proceed further.

If some of you are wondering whether a project, goal or a dream you have in mind is achievable, I would say, be prepared for hard work. Astrologically, the 7 of Pentacles is linked to Saturn in the sign of Taurus. I love how Tarot and Astrology go hand in hand most times as this Lunar eclipse is taking place in Sagittarius which is currently occupied by Saturn (I follow Vedic astrology).




Where Saturn comes, we must brace ourselves for hard work and slow progress. We will be pushed out of our comfort zones to put in extra efforts and do the work if we want to see solid results. Visualizations, setting clear intentions and affirmations need to be backed up with practical action steps. A laidback attitude will not do. Be willing to passionately work towards your dreams and you will be rewarded for your deserving efforts.  Similarly, if you have worked hard at something these past few months, you are very close to reaping the fruits of your hard labor.


Today is perfect for self-reflection, meditation, or any spiritual practice that can connect you with your higher self. If you sincerely set the intention to be guided and sit in silence for a few moments, connecting with your favorite deity or the energy you feel drawn to working with, you will receive inspiration, guidance, and insights. I highly recommend spending this day more mindfully. If possible, avoid any heavy-duty work and make time for solitary musings. Being out in the crowd can be draining so protect your energy. Spend this day being more in tune with what you want and focusing on self-care. Self-care could be as simple as reading a book or brewing a cup of herbal tea for yourself. So don’t get intimidated by the word self-care but just do what feels like rest and relaxation to you.




Now is also not the right time to rush into decision-making. Especially today with the eclipse energy in the atmosphere, it is best to avoid making decisions based on impulse and emotions. Even more when your own inner compass is guiding you to slow down and giving you a big ‘No’ about something.



May this message serve you well, lovelies! Blessed Full Moon.

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