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Hello Gorgeous Souls!

Happy March 2019!

Below are your Tarotscopes for March. These were written keeping in mind not just your Sun sign but also your Moon and Rising sign so feel free to check the messages for all three.

Writing these was exhaustive but also fruitful. If you find the messages here helpful, please share with others who may find it useful as well.

I hope these messages serve useful to you this month. Loads of Love.




Ariens, patience is the key to this month. Without it, you risk losing balance and missing out on the results you are seeking. Keep a cool head and do not rush things. Some dreams and visions take time to develop and come to fruition. Let things unfold naturally.

Spirit is also guiding you to give more this month. Engage in charitable acts and be of service to others in whatever way you can, without losing your own balance. The Universe loves a kind heart and the more open you are to give, the more you open yourself to receiving. Adopt a flexible attitude, Ariens. Be willing to look at situations from all angles and made adjustments accordingly. I also see some of you embarking on the path of healing.

On an emotional level, many of you are feeling closed off or are not open enough to accept the gifts and opportunities that life is presenting to you. Your heart chakra is in need of healing and one of the ways to begin this healing, of course, is to be generous. But also, do not turn a blind eye to what is being offered to you. Give others a chance. Give life a chance. Give yourself a chance. On a romantic note too, offers and proposals are coming your way. Explore them. Meditation brings answers.

On the material plane, this month’s energy is quite positive. Gifts and blessings are coming your way. Financial support is available for those who are seeking. Opportunities are accessible to those who are looking. Be willing to ask and then be open to receiving. I think a major chunk of your lesson this month is about allowing yourself to receive and heal your heart, Ariens. Don’t forget to share with this world, too.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Ariens. Namaste.

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Taureans, this month brings you the opportunity to start something new. You are entering a period of learning so put your best foot forward. The realization of a big goal starts with the very first step and this is the month where you must take that first step. This may involve starting a new project and learning the ropes, entering a training program, going back to school, or simply being at the start of just about any new situation. Stay committed to your path as it has the potential to bring you blessings and rewards. perhaps, even monetary gains too.

Some of you lovely Taureans have a message to start loving yourself more. This is not just a mental process but a physical one, too. Have you been complaining too much about your body or physical features? Do you often engage in self-deprecating talk? Start accepting yourself for who you are. Also, start taking care of your yourself really well. Lifestyle changes are needed which help you live a healthier and happier life.

Just like your fellow Ariens, you too have work to do on your heart chakra this month, Taureans. The part of you that is receptive needs to open up. You need to start saying YES to opportunities and new situations. There is a message of forgiveness too here. Do not hold onto a past situation of no relevance anymore. Do not punish someone in your present for the mistakes of someone from your past.

Being an earth child, your power to manifest on this earthly plane is very strong, Taureans. You have all the power and resources you seek to make things happen for you this month. Be confident and manifest your vision. As I was saying earlier, this month marks new beginnings for you. There is a lot you can create and invite into your world. Your power of communication will also play a big role in helping you grab new offers and be more persuasive. A new door is opening for many of you. Take action.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Taureans. Namaste.

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Geminians, March is a month of self-discovery and making some tough choices. In order to find what we are looking for, sometimes we need to step away from the familiar path. You may feel disconnected from your familiar environment and relationships this month as you search for something more fulfilling. Some of you may have to make the tough call of walking away from situations in your life that are failing to offer you joy and a sense of purpose. Do not be intimidated of making such a decision if that is what your soul is calling you to do. I also feel that taking a break from the mundane aspects of life and going on a retreat could bring many of you the peace and tranquility you are seeking. Inspiration will meet you in your moments of introspection and solitude this month.

Spirit is also guiding you to shed the habit of worrying too much, Gemstars. Many of you could be getting overly anxious over a matter that in truth is not worth your mental energy. Spirit is also showing me that what you deem as an emergency or a worrisome situation will turn out to be the opposite. Stay positive and calm as you navigate through mental and emotional stress.

Although you may be seeking some alone time and will feel a great need to step away from the crowd in March, your family duties and responsibilities may keep you busy. Family gatherings are on the cards. On a positive note, Gemstars, I think spending time with your loved ones will help you feel more rooted on an emotional level. If there is a favorite family member who brings you that warmth, love, and inspiration, spend time with them. This is a great month to work on releasing ancestral traumas as well.

Big transitions are underway where your material world is concerned, Gemstars. This month could bring change in the areas of work and finances. You may change jobs, close old business to start something new, and may even encounter some financial losses if you are not careful. A new path is calling you but first, you must get clear about what you really want to do and manifest into your reality. Loss of a job or material wealth is possible for some. But instead of fearing this, strengthen your security and be prepared to tackle any potential ups and downs.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Gemstars. Namaste.

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Cancerians, March brings positive tidings into your life. The theme of celebration marks this month so get ready for some exciting times. This is not the month for the crab to go into its shell but to come out and play. Your social life could get busy and active. You may meet new people who will feel like part of your tribe and new friendships could begin. Additionally, the accomplishment of a goal could call for a celebration as well. Being surrounded by people who uplift you is important. Ditch the naysayers and the energy vampires.

Spirit is also guiding you to celebrate YOU, Cancerians. We often get so caught up in the humdrum of life that we forget appreciating ourselves and how far we have come. Consciously seek out the qualities that you love about yourself. Remember those proud moments of your life. Do not hesitate to put your needs above others and make yourself a priority this month. Do You! You may even want to reward yourself with something special.

Let’s take a look at your emotional world in March, Cancerians. I think many of you Cancerians are about to fall in love. Maybe in love with another soul, in love with yourself, or perhaps life itself. The chances of meeting someone who clicks with you on a soul level are high. You are also encouraged to listen more to your heart than your mind in March, Cancerians. Follow your passion and notice what stirs your heart. Choices may be presented to you and if your heart’s not into something, don’t do it. Intense sexual unions are also highly likely.

In the material world, too, inspiration will seek you out. Small offers or proposals that speak to your heart may come to you. Someone trustworthy could offer you assistance this month. If you own a business, more people may reach out to you in March. It is important to stay compassionate and understanding towards the needs of others which in turn will help you make small but important leaps. Keep your relationship with your superiors cordial and be more proactive to offer help.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Cancerians. Namaste.

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Leos, no matter how difficult your situation appears, remember that there is a way out and help is available to you this month. You may have to undergo some discomfort and disruptions this month. Partnerships may suffer if communication is not clear. Illnesses could keep some of you from being at your best. Financial worry could also create a sense of anxiety for some. Don’t let this message dishearten you. Instead, should you find yourself in a place like this, seek help. Whether from the Universe or actual sources around you. Sometimes, a warning comes before challenges. I want you to pay attention to red flags and these warnings to avoid the bumps as best you can.

Leos, you cannot give from an empty place. Spirit is guiding you to focus on filling up your well before you can give to others. Sometimes, certain doors are closed to us to give us the opportunity to learn and integrate past lessons. Take time for self-reflection and self-care. Take time to understand what teachings of life you need to integrate into your life at this time. Do not push yourself to give to situations or people when you are not feeling up for it.

Emotionally, as I was stating earlier, you need to give yourself time to replenish. Step back from demanding relationships. Find your well of inspiration. Focus on rejuvenating activities. Embrace those who are willing to nurture and care for you. Even if your love life seems to be going nowhere, a potential interest may show up. Even if personal relationships are not doing well, the opportunity for forgiveness, growth, and recovery will be present. Focus on love.

On the material plane, things appear to be moving slowly this month. The progress you are seeking will come but perhaps after delays. Stay dedicated to a goal and you will reap the rewards. Before making any big investments, carefully consider your choices.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Leos. Namaste.

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Virgos, this month you have some work to do on overcoming your mental blocks. It is about breaking free from self-sabotaging beliefs and thoughts which may be inhibiting you from fully realizing your potential. It is about choosing to no longer identify yourself as a victim and take bold steps towards your destiny. It is about not telling yourself you can’t do something because the truth is that you can and you just need to liberate yourself from self-limiting beliefs. Otherwise, you stand the risk of remaining stuck. Change your thoughts and you change your reality. It is as simple as that.

Another message that is coming through for you this month is to stick to your plans, goals, and tasks and finish them, even though you may feel tempted to give up halfway. The path ahead may look long and uncertain but if you put your mind to wrap up something you started, you will. Once again, you need to take control of your mind and not let your mind control you. Challenges can be overcome if you persist and are determined to take the bull by its horn.

On an emotional note, you are overcoming setbacks and moving past challenges this month. Singles, you may find yourself in the spotlight. Many would admire you for your skills and talents and this will win you both admiration and attention. In established relationships, it is important that you give your partner the recognition and acknowledgment they deserve. Realize your worth and do not compromise to fit in.

Your duties and responsibilities will keep you very busy in March, Virgos. Work could get demanding and if you don’t start addressing and finishing work on time, you may end up with a lot to deal with and could be headed for a meltdown. Plan your schedule well. Don’t take on more than you are capable of handling. Do not procrastinate. Ask others to help you and be willing to delegate work whenever possible. Most importantly, stop every now and then and catch a breather.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Virgos. Namaste.

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Librans, teamwork and collaboration are the key themes for this month. Let the team player in you come out to play. I see projects being finished and more work and recognition finding its way to you. If you have complained about your talents not being recognized, March could change that. Showcase your creativity and skills and your work will speak for itself. Do not shy away from selling your brand or skills. If you are contemplating switching jobs or applying for a new position at work, this is the month to take your chance.

Although the energy looks positive, life can be unpredictable sometimes and with Mercury Retrograde dominating a major part of this month, some delays and setbacks could surprise you. Librans, when something smells fishy and red flags start popping up, take a step back and wait. Do not rush into matters. Some plans may not go as per your expectations and I don’t want you to lose hope when that happens. Bide your time, explore your options and do more research. And if something goes south despite your best effort, trust and know in your heart that sometimes the best of things can turn out to be wrong for you.

Relationships may require more work this month. Communicate clearly. Some of you Librans may barely have time for emotional connections as work responsibilities could take away a major chunk of your time. Don’t ignore your loved ones because of this. There is a reason why the cards are saying that relationships need work this month. I also think some of you need to invest time in working on yourself. Focus on self-growth and self-improvement.

Many of you Librans could be traveling for work or relocating this month. You may also be feeling ready to take on new challenges and move in a different direction. Librans, your sign is depicted by the scale of balance and it is important to stay balanced this month. Weigh the pros and cons of a situation before you invest money or take big steps. Watch out for distractions. They could create delays and prevent you from making progress. Some of you also need to get clearer about your goals in life this month and then take strategic action-steps.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Librans. Namaste.

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Scorpios, this month is about getting in touch with your emotions but not letting your emotions overwhelm you. Emotional intelligence is needed in March. I am also seeing some happy moments, celebrations, and travel for leisure on the cards for you. The feeling of joie de vivre surrounds you this month. Just be careful that this zest for life doesn’t end up pushing you towards extremes. Watch your diet and keep your health in check. Take inventory of your finances and be wary of making wrong decisions in the spur of the moment. Indulgence may become a coping mechanism, otherwise.

It is alright if you don’t fit in with others, Scorpios. Do not compare your success and progress with others and feel disappointed. Some of you may experience this feeling of being left behind in life when it comes to your peers but I don’t want you to let this feeling dishearten you. Take bite-sized steps now towards your own growth and progress. It is never too late to begin. The moment is now and you can still create a life of your choosing. What matter is that you start even if it takes a little while for you to catch up on things.

Relationships could bring up challenges this month, Scorpios. You may feel as though you and your partner are not on the same page. There could a sense of aloofness and communication breakdown in your relationships. Do not give up, though. Seeking help and allowing a third person, such as a couple counselor, could help. Financial hardship could put a strain on some relationships as well. Singles, this may not be your lucky month for finding love. You may end up meeting partners who may be a mismatch for you or in whose company, you will still end up feeling alone. Just because you can’t find the right one, don’t settle for the wrong ones.

If you have been searching for a job or the right opportunity, the search will continue this month. Take the support of a mentor or guide to help you make better decisions in both career and when it comes to your finances. If solo work interests you over teamwork, do it. Some of you may feel like alienating yourself from the crowd. If ‘work-from-home’ option is available to you, take it. I think adopting a minimalist attitude will help you this month, Scorpios. Spend wisely and only on those things that matter. Do away with clutter and junk.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Scorpios. Namaste.

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Archers, I see many of you busy and engaged in learning something new this month. It could be a course or a new skill that will require dedication and practice. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Also, pay attention to detail this month. Whatever work you do, make sure you are giving it your best. Feeling drawn towards a new hobby? This is the perfect month to pick it up. Hard work will be needed in order to succeed so don’t back away from getting dirt under your nails.

You are being called to be of service to others this month, Archers. Be kind and compassionate towards others who are facing challenges in their life. You may be a beacon of hope to them. Your optimism and positive energy could turn someone’s life around so engage in philanthropic work.

This could be quite an exciting month for singles who are ready to date. People may suddenly cross your path and you may begin a whirlwind of an affair. Some of you may meet interesting people during your travels. But that is all I am seeing for now. Nothing concrete. If having fun and living an invigorating life is what you have on mind, March will dish out the right opportunities. Even established relationships will make progress. This is a good month to plan a trip with your sweetheart and do something spontaneous (watch out for that Mercury retrograde, though).

Archers, on a material level, I am sensing dissatisfaction. Some of you may be on the lookout for a new job that gives more meaning and brings a sense of purpose to your life. You may feel detached and under-appreciated at work. While many may decide to leave an unhappy job behind in search of something new that speaks to your soul, sometimes taking a break to clear your head is all you need to reignite the spark. Going on a retreat and breaking the monotony could make a difference.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Sagittarians. Namaste.

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Cappies, this a month where you will reap what you sowed. The seeds you planted in the past will start bearing fruits and you will see progress in areas where you have invested your sweat and blood. Things are coming together for you so be patient and do not lose hope because of temporary delays. This is also a good month to re-evaluate your options. Do not be quick to jump to conclusions.

Spirit is encouraging you to speak with love this month. Communication will play a very big role in your lives and how you say, what you say will be important. Choose your words carefully and keep a check on your rage.

This is quite an exhilarating month for romance and relationships, Capricorns. One, I see some of you going on a trip with your beloved. You may meet someone interesting as well who speaks to your heart. Second, many of you are ready to release the old in order to welcome the new. You are encouraged to forgive and release old pain and attachments. You deserve to start your life afresh so empty old junk from your closet. A big cleansing could occur in some of your lives allowing you to be free of past roadblocks.

At work, you could be entrusted with many responsibilities. A powerful authority figure such as a boss or manager will play a key role this month. If you want to get on his/her good side, you will need to display discipline and commitment to your work. Capricorns love climbing the ladder and this month’s energy could bless some of you with a promotion. In some ways, you may be called to lead. When making investments, favor established organization and places over risky ventures. Overall, March brings stability and improvements in your material world.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Capricorns. Namaste.

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Aquarians, this month comes with some challenges but interestingly, these challenges will push you to feel inspired and bring change. If you are feeling creatively inclined towards something, pursue it. Got an exciting idea that can make this world (or your world) a better place? Explore it. Even though some minor road bumps could show up on your path, you have the energy, passion, and drive to overcome it.

Spirit is also guiding you to clear unwanted clutter from your life this month, Aquarians. This could be physical, emotional, or mental. Once you cut loose the things that are pulling you down, you will rise. Get rid of the excess baggage you have been carrying around for a while and see yourself transform.

Conflict could arise in relationships. It is important to handle all conflict from a calm and mature place. But if this conflict is creating more toxicity and tension, step back or cut ties. Singles, it may be hard to find someone who is emotionally available this month. Either many could be vying for your attention or you may be interested in someone who is not fully available for act/you. Sometimes the conflict is within our own minds. Calm your nerves and think before you react.

A calm and composed approach will be needed at work. You may be dealing with difficult clients or a demanding person at work. Do not lose your cool when handling this person and you will successfully take care of the situation. Your hard work won’t go unnoticed, Aquashines. The struggles will lead to victory.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Aquarians. Namaste.

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Pisceans, this is your month. Happy Birthday! The energy of March is quite supportive and positive. Hope and optimism will be restored after a dark phase. Healing vibes surround you. Make time to connect with your spiritual side. Get close to the ocean. It is where you will feel connected to your element and in tune with your emotions. Water-based activities will rejuvenate you.

Spirit is also guiding you to connect with your soul family this month, Pisceans. Spend more time with people who get you, who are good for you. If you are yet to meet members of your soul family, then this month will bring those kindred souls into your life. Welcome new connections that are positive and uplifting. You will know who this is from their vibes.

I am seeing joy and happiness in your emotional world, Pisceans. Happiness will come from family. Focus on healing, peace, and love and don’t let petty matters linger on your mind for too long. A harmonious period with your partner is on the horizon. Even singles will experience a blissful time this month. Focus on supportive relationships and let go of the ones that bring toxicity into your life.

In your material world, a new beginning could occur. This could be a new job, project, or a learning endeavor that you will feel passionate about. Those on the lookout for a job will find this month’s energy favorable. Even if you have an established career or business, welcome opportunities to learn something new and enhance your skills. When making investments, be practical. Know that your investments may take some time to bring the results you are seeking.

Have a Blessed March ahead, beautiful Pisceans. Namaste.

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