New Moon Guidance

Blessed New Moon, lovelies! It is that time of the month where we must prepare to shed what no longer serves us and start a new cycle. Are you ready to pick a card to receive some guidance? If the message doesn’t make sense now, give it some time. Often I have found that some situations play out in the days to come. Also, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.





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If you chose card 1, your message is ‘Surrender to effortlessness’.Magic happens when we let go and surrender the outcome to the Divine. Have you noticed how once you give up on a situation, it gains momentum and changes start manifesting? You must show this same faith with your current situation or phase of life right now. The less you do, the more you will accomplish in terms of manifesting. The more you worry and try harder, the more you will keep pushing the outcome or may end up manifesting what you are fearing. Even the Judgment card from the Tarot comes bearing a message that it is time to surrender and trust the intelligence of the Divine.


The themes of forgiveness and starting over are coming up for some of you this New Moon. Your past may have brought scarring wounds and painful experiences. Perhaps some of you are still holding onto things from the days or years gone by while ignoring the call to awaken and forge a new path ahead. The time to push the reset button is NOW. The time to let go and let God is NOW (whatever your definition of God is).


Very few of you reading this message may be dealing with a situation that involves health and well-being. You may be praying for recovery or perhaps there is someone in your life who needs a healing miracle. Again, let the Divine figure out the details. Trust and go with the flow.





If you chose 2, your message reads, ‘Surrender comparisons with other people’. There are two things that are being highlighted for you this New Moon. One, the need to work around your worthiness and two, to stop drawing comparisons with others. We have all fallen victim to the trap of comparison where we use another’s success and progress to measure our own. While healthy competition is needed sometimes, if you get consumed with trying to be better or on par with another, you will always feel insecure and dissatisfied. Even if you end up becoming ‘better’ than someone else, what next? There will be someone else who will make you feel less prominent and the vicious cycle will continue.


Stop this cycle and bring your focus and awareness towards your own life. Don’t worry about how much money the other person is making or how beautiful the other person looks. Don’t worry about how talented the other person is. Have you taken the time to reflect on your own skillsets and inherent talent? Have you given yourself credit for your accomplishments? Keep your eyes focused on you and your energy focused on your life and it’s betterment. Know your worth and believe in your purpose and mission. You matter!


Some of you reading this may have recently encountered betrayal and foul play. Someone may have gone behind your back to do something that left you in pain and at a feeling of loss. There may have been a situation where you lost or felt dejected. It is also possible that this is the root cause of your insecurity and lack of self-worth. It is time to release this situation with full forgiveness and gratitude. Do not carry the residue of this unfortunate situation. Instead, think of what this experience has taught you instead and keep moving.





If you chose 3, your guidance is to ‘Surrender the habit of people-pleasing’. How long will you keep catering to others’ needs and well-being while ignoring your own? Some of you reading this message need to start focusing on your own happiness and needs instead of fulfilling others requests all the time.


You may be ignoring your own feelings while wanting to do what is best for others. While we must give back to the world in our way to maintain the balance and stop being utterly consumed by selfishness, you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you have become a doormat to others and have repressed your desires, words, feelings, and needs.


Give yourself the love and kindness that you are giving to others. Stop worrying about upsetting others at the cost of upsetting yourself. Be outspoken about your needs and do not settle for less.


Some of you may be involved in an official situation where a person may be abusing their power over you. You may be too busy satisfying this person’s never-ending wants just hoping to get ahead and be favored. Do not fall victim to this game of politics. Pray for guidance on this situation and stop compromising your integrity. Something better will find a way to you if you trust and respect yourself more.


With that, we come to the end of this post and I wish you the very best. Thank you for being here!

Sonya Singh | Om Namah Shivaya 

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Blessed New Moon, Gorgeous Souls!


We have a New Moon coming up on the 5th of April and I have drawn some cards for us all as a collective. For this reading, I am using two decks – The Triple Goddess Tarot and the Work your light oracle cards. The messages are available in both text and video format (youtube video link below) for those who love reading and listening/watching respectively.






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Beautiful Souls, all New Moon phases are marked by the themes of letting go of the old and welcoming the new. However, during this New Moon, we are quite strongly tapping into the themes of Aries (the sign in which this New Moon is taking place as per western astrology). A new path is unfolding for us.



The first card I drew for us is the Knight of wands and this represents what we are ready to release this New Moon. The immediate message that came to me was that we are ready to stop chasing things (especially the wrong things). Life doesn’t always go as per our plans and there is a hidden blessing in that too. We are being urged to stop running after things and people that, despite our best efforts, are not aligning with our current purpose and path.


I also feel that some of you are quite literally being guided to let go of a specific person in your life who is not the right match to your energy right now. This could be someone who often brings a lot of promise to the table but fails to deliver. You may have given this person too many chances but it is time to let go now.


With strong Arien themes exuding in the cards, I also feel this is a wake-up call for us to stop fantasizing and start doing. You may have received some great ideas lately to implement in your life. But what are you doing with these ideas? You may be good at starting things but do you stay committed to your projects/promises and deliver the end result? Starting now, get serious about how you will accomplish your goal(s) and start taking the action-steps.


The second card I have for us is the Fool. This card represents what we are ready to invite into our lives. We are ready to invite wonder, awe, new beginnings, and a start writing a new chapter. We are ready to let go of the old energy and map out a new journey for ourselves. Sometimes we don’t have to know what this new journey is all about. Simply being attuned to the rhythm of life and going with the flow can acquaint you with your next steps.


The last Tarot card I have for us is the 3 of wands and this card represents how we can stay committed to our growth until the next New Moon cycle. We love the rush of new beginnings. We feel so refreshed and raring to go at the thought of starting something new. But how often do we keep up and see things through the ends? The 3 of wands from the Goddess tarot to me speaks of seriousness, commitment, and dedication. It is quite literally talking about walking your talk. Both the Fool and the 3 of wands are offering us a chance to pack up our bags and leave an old situation so that we can start afresh. What baggage are you ready to shed? What are you choosing to carry with you onward?


Once you firmly decide to go after a dream, the Universe will support you in your endeavors. Opportunities will show up. If one door is closed, another will open. You have to decide and be firm with your decisions. You can develop this willpower by committing to do small things and not changing your routine because of distractions. The knight of wands perhaps is that distracting energy in your life that pulls you away from your path. Time to say no to such distractions and continue towards your real goals.



Our final message comes from the oracle card and it beautifully sums up the energy of this reading – The Initiation.

The powerful imagery of this card is laced with symbols of transformation and shedding the old (snakes). Rejoice and celebrate life because it is taking you towards a brilliant new adventure. Your current place may look dark and spooky. The Thunderbolt may have struck some situations that you thought were permanent. You may be tired of being in this desolate place in life without hope. But Spirit is bringing you this guidance today to let you know that ”You are going somewhere sacred”. You are about to reach the oasis after a difficult phase. Your challenges have prepared you to embrace a beautiful start. New experiences lie on the other side but only you can make the decision to walk this path. You make that decision by breaking bondage from situations that are holding you back.


Some of you beautiful souls have embarked on a tough spiritual journey. Your Kundalini force is rising and in the process clearing away a lot of emotional, physical and mental debris. Do not fear this transformation but embrace it. You are being led.


I hope this reading resonates and brings you guidance, insight, and that nudge that you are on the right path. Thank you for being here and for supporting my work.


Wishing All a Blessed New Moon!


Sonnyaa Siingh

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Greetings Beautiful Souls,

We have a New Moon around the corner on the 6th of March, 2019. I know you may all have your little plans on what intentions to set and what energy to clear out of your life. But here’s a post I created to bring you additional prompts, reminders, and guidance from Spirit on what else to bear in mind during this time of cosmic reset.

There is a general message for us all and also a chance for you to pick a card for your New Moon message. Go ahead and get your zen on and when you are ready, pick a card from below and scroll down to read the message.




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I asked the cards what energy, prompt, or reminder this New Moon phase is bringing to us and received the Knight of Pentacles from the Everyday Witch Tarot.



You guys, this New Moon energy is setting us on a new path. It is here to give us a kick on our butts to get serious and get started with new adventures, goals, and plans. We are being pushed to create something new by getting out of our comfort zones. For too long you have stayed in the safety of the familiar. It is now time to embark on a new journey. Unlike the Knight of Pentacles from the Rider-Waite deck, this Knight appears to be motivated and in motion.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your dreams won’t come true overnight. Some legwork needs to go into the process of fully realizing your goals. This New Moon phase is guiding you to get started with the preliminary work by bringing focus and commitment into your life.


Are you feeling drawn to a new subject? Are you being called to learn and master new skills? Do you want to break the spell of monotony and inject your life with a sense of adventure? Do what you have to do! Now is the time and you have the resources to support you in your endeavor. Even if you don’t have the resources, trust that a door will open if your heart is in the right place.


To some of us, the prompt is to make better financial decisions and work towards bringing more security in our lives. Stop being careless with your money and explore good investment plans and options. Remember we are in the midst of Mercury Retrograde so you don’t have to start something right now but spend time exploring ideas and options. When the right one clicks and you feel prepared, you can dive in.


I would now like you to take a few deep breaths and focus on a message. You can think of a question in your mind but if you don’t have a question, simply remain open to receiving a guidance message this New Moon. When you are ready, pick a number from the below image.



If you were drawn to the number 1, beautiful soul, you must believe in your power to manifest your dreams. This New Moon phase is giving you the opportunity to birth something new with your thoughts, intentions, and actions (even a ritual, perhaps). Be clear about what you want to invite into your life and then visualize this dream taking form. It is never too late to start afresh and the Magician is reminding you that magic is not outside but within you. With that kind of power, we must take care to not give too much power to negative thoughts and beliefs. Because just as you are capable of attracting the positive, you can also end up drawing in the negative.


There is another prompt coming up for you and that is the need to tend and nurture your physical body and make contact with the healing energy of Mother Earth. Are you feeling nourished? Are you feeding your mind, body, and soul the right things? Are you feeling strong or lazy and lethargic? Spend more time in nature these next few days. Breathe in the fresh air, eat healthy and wholesome foods, Bask in the sunshine, watch the beautiful morning sky or stargaze to draw in hope, inspiration, and healing from the cosmos. Disconnect from the artificial world from time to time and reconnect with the natural world around you. Not only will this bring nourishment to you on a soul-level but it will also boost your manifestation power. If you are feeling spacey because of all the cosmic energy at play, go out and ground.





If you were drawn to the number 2, then the Queen of Wands says hello to you. She is passionate, charismatic, confident, and highly attractive. Have you been feeling this way lately? If not, this New Moon, get in touch with this fiery side of you. You may be lacking confidence in yourself and now is the perfect time to work on removing those blocks which are dimming your light and making you sell yourself short. This may be a time for you to rekindle your passion for life itself. Start by setting the intention. Meditate. Look at your beautiful self in the mirror and tell yourself that you choose not to play it small anymore. You deserve more and you welcome all the blessings into your life.


This Queen is also giving you the prompt to get out and make your presence felt in this world. Don’t be shy. Build your network, socialize, connect with new people, make new friends, and love yourself enough. Take healthy risks in life instead of being afraid of change. One of your main lessons at this time is to get in touch with your own personal power. Spirit supports you.





If you were drawn to the number 3, this New Moon energy is about confronting what you have been denying and suppressing. Maybe there are things that you are finding hard to come to terms with. Maybe there is a situation in your life that you need to face and not run from. Perhaps, you need to come to grips with your own self-sabotaging behavior. Something needs acceptance from you this New Moon and the further you run from it, the more you stop yourself from leveling up. Face this fear, situation, or harsh reality, make peace with it, learn from it, and allow it to open the way forward for you. If you must seek professional assistance, take the bold step.


I love the depiction of the World card here. Look how free this young woman is feeling! She has come to the end of a cycle and instead of fearing change or getting worked up about what’s next, she is taking the time to unwind and surrendering to whatever is up ahead of her. You too, dear one, are being encouraged by Spirit to stay in this state of calm surrender right now. Even if something is ending or leaving your life or has come full circle, there is no need to fret. Take time out for yourself, celebrate this experience, be thankful for the good times, bad times, and whatever this experience taught you and let it go with grace. Be free of stuff that has held you back for so long beautiful soul and enjoy the blessings that are yet to come with full faith in the Universe.


I hope these messages serve you well.

Blessed New Moon!

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