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I have been meaning to write a post for the year 2019 but due to a busy holiday season, could not put in the time and effort. So I now take the opportunity to share a message about 2019 from the Tarot lens.


Firstly, the sum total of the year 2019 is 12 (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12) which in Tarot corresponds to the Hanged Man card. This, as a collective, is our Hanged Man year.



The imagery of the Hanged Man card doesn’t really invoke a happy feeling within us. A man is suspended upside down on a tree. Isn’t that painful and harsh? I am sure I wouldn’t feel excited about this image. But the key to this card lies in the posture of the suspended man and his expression. Despite the seeming discomfort, the Hanged Man appears calm and at ease. He’s even sporting a halo which is a symbol of enlightenment.


As per Tarot numerology, one of the major lessons this year for us will be about letting go of attachments and things that cannot add any more value to our lives. Sometimes, sacrifices are involved. While that may sound grim, remember that the tests that the Hanged man year puts you through make way for personal growth and understanding. You come out of it a stronger person.


This year will also test our patience on many levels by bringing delays and making us wait. Some of us may even feel like we are stuck in limbo. Situations are mostly beyond our control and the only thing we can learn to do during such a phase is to surrender. Being stubborn will not help especially if you are trying to chase the wrong things or situations that are not in alignment with your highest good. Learn to develop patience and just go with the flow.


Another thing to bear in mind during the Hanged Man year is to change your perspective where necessary. To the Hanged Man, the world appears upside down. Many times in life, we need to develop a new pair of eyes (figuratively speaking) to see things differently and expect better results.  We must cut through our tunnel vision and explore new possibilities. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you will keep experiencing similar results. And if you are unhappy with the results, then you must change the way you approach things. Keep an open mind this year. Be willing to shed limited thinking and replace it with newer and open ways of looking at a situation.



Doesn’t the Hanged Man look like a zen dude well-versed in Yogic practices? The benefits of yoga and meditation are numerous and well-known. If you are new to these practices, this will be a great year to start. It can also be any spiritual practice that supports inner growth and peace.


And what about that halo now? Well, enlightenment doesn’t always come from asceticism. It is not always about attaining liberation and Nirvana. Mastering a new lesson and making progress on a soul level also serves as a mini version of your own enlightenment. With every little progress you make on a personal level this year, give yourself a pat on the back.


As you move through this year, do not view the Hanged Man as a challenge. Instead, view him as the opportunity for you to learn something about yourself, your situations, and the attachments that have served their purpose in your life. Learn to develop patience especially when things are not unfolding as per your plans and at the pace you want them to. There is always an underlying lesson and reason. Remember that sometimes personal sacrifices are very much a necessity to lead us to a place of new understanding and growth. We may not always see this at first but in time, it all sinks in.


I look forward to sharing guidance messages for all zodiac signs for 2019 in my next post. Keep an eye out.

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