Tarot in everyday life


When we look at the Moon card in the Tarot, our mind immediately spouts the words fear, deceit, darkness, confusion, intuition, etc. The Moon card carries an ominous feel to it and it is the last card we want to see as an outcome card in our readings. But we should never brush aside the opportunity of growth that each ‘negative’ or ‘dark’ card offers to us.




One day, The Moon showed up in my daily draw as one of the cards of the day. Naturally, I was a little anxious to see how the day would play out. I was wondering if I would experience some awful mood swings or if someone would try and ruin my day. After my brief contemplation, I forgot about it and got busy. What really ended up happening that day is that after a restless afternoon nap marked by a recurring dream full of zombies (thanks to binging Van Helsing on Netflix), I felt like painting. I don’t paint often but that day I just felt inspired to pick up my brushes and splash some acrylic on the canvas. I chose the 90’s rock and roll playlist on Spotify and soon found myself crooning some of the numbers. Well, although some of these songs didn’t really remind me of sunshine and rainbows, I felt good humming the tunes. I experienced a temporary release and felt lighter. Soon it hit me that I just had my Moon moment in the most mundane of activities.


So yes, the Moon does indicate troubling emotions, blocks, dark moods and confusion, but just because fate dealt us a dark Major Arcana card doesn’t mean that we sit and brood and subject ourselves to the gloom (that’s like giving all your power away to the Moon card). We could find a way to release those troubling emotions through a creative outlet.


Not all of you are fond of painting or singing, I get it. But you may have a liking towards another hobby or pastime that helps you connect and acknowledge your emotions. Make sure this activity is not self-destructive and immerse yourself.


What I have also found with the Moon card is that it often gives us the chance to deeply examine a shadow aspect of ourselves. Most people are afraid of facing these shadow-y aspects because it brings up pain and discomfort. But remember, the more you try to fence yourself against these icky aspects, the more power they will gain and manifest in your life in unexpected and unpleasant ways. Oftentimes, in the form of illnesses, aches, and pain.


That was my short commentary on The Moon card. I hope the next time you find yourself staring at the grim image of this card, instead of feeling nervous, you become more willing to confront your dark side and work through it. Time does not heal all wounds. It could simply make us oblivious and forgetful of the pain. Without addressing, resolving, and releasing, this pain gets buried to become a subconscious block. We are here to experience life in its full spectrum and there will be happy days, sad days, and blah days. Make peace with everything so that you can be at peace.


May peace be with you, beautiful soul.

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