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As per some of your comments, here is a post on the upcoming Solar eclipse which is happening on the 2nd/3rd of July, 2019. I know there is a lot of hype and fear energy circulating about eclipses in social media. But let me start by telling you this. The energy of the eclipse is magnified and more strongly felt when it is taking place in your region. From what I have read, this eclipse will mainly be seen from some regions in South America. My friends in South America, check your local timings and make sure you try to stay indoors during the duration of this eclipse. So while this eclipse energy will impact us all, it’s effects will be stronger in the areas from where it will be seen.


In this post, I have used Tarot/Oracle cards to find out what energy is coming into play for us as a collective. This is the second eclipse out of the three eclipses this year. As per the Hindu astrological system, this eclipse is taking place in the Ardra nakshatra (lunar mansion) who’s presiding deity is Rudra (a fierce form of the Hindu Lord Shiva). Lord Shiva himself is considered a destroyer. He destroys illusions (Maya) and what is no longer relevant in our lives so that we can create and make way for something new. Having a spiritual practice grounds your energy during this time so let me share a few suggestions with you that you can try during this eclipse.


If you are into Hindu mantras, chanting or listening to Sri Rudram is highly beneficial on this day. Also, if you love working with the Hindu Elephant-headed deity, Ganesha, who is known as the remover of all obstacles, listening to, chanting or meditating on The Ganesh Atharvashirsha (a Sanskrit prose honoring this deity) during an eclipse is considered very fruitful. I have started chanting this text every day and there is a verse in there which says that if chanted during the solar eclipse, this text removes many obstacles and hurdles from an individual’s life. Even if you can’t chant it, with a sincere heart, just listen to this prose from youtube at least once.


Of course, not all of you are familiar or would even be comfortable working with Hindu deities and I don’t want to make this post about promoting Hinduism. Just know that eclipses are the perfect time to turn your attention inward and meditate or chant. This helps you stay calm, balanced and focused and prevents one from making irrational and impulsive decisions which are not favorable during this time.


Donating to a cause is also encouraged during this time. Many of you may have received your monthly salary by now. Even if you live from paycheck to paycheck, take a small amount from your hard earned income and use it for humanity’s good. Consider doing this especially on the 2nd and 3rd.


Fasting during an eclipse is also beneficial. It is a way of detoxing and purifying your body. But I am not going to encourage all of you to fast because some of you may have medical reasons which need to be kept in mind. In case you cannot fast all day, try to keep your diet light and meat-free. Avoid alcohol and any mind-altering substances during this time.


Let us now get to the exciting part – Our Tarot Reading. I am using a small spread to understand the energy of this eclipse. You can try this spread yourself, too.


Also, keep in mind that this is a general reading. If you would like a personalized session or email reading with me, check out the Buy a Tarot Reading section or send me a message using the Contact form.



a) What is coming to an end for us? 6 of swords
b) What new beginning is coming into our lives? The Chariot
c) How can we prepare for this new beginning? 7 of swords
Oracle card guidance: Visions of life beyond death.


I think we can all identify with the energy of the 6 of swords right now which shows how we have been sailing through those testing waters these past few days. There has been a disappointment, loss, bad news, and change as a theme for us all. We may have been forced to accept an unpleasant ending or lesson which surely gave us plenty of headaches, too. With the 6 of swords card, I also sense that some of you had to quite literally move from somewhere (a job, a place, a relationship, etc.) Something, perhaps, didn’t go as expected and now, you have no choice but to say good-bye to this chapter, take your learnings as lessons and prepare for a new start. I read an interesting description of the 6 of swords card today from the author Ellen Dugan, creator of the Witches Tarot who says, ‘even though you carry your troubles and concerns with you, you do not have to be weighed down by them’. I love those words!


So what is coming into our lives now with this eclipse? The Chariot card isn’t a bad one. You have new ground to cover and a fresh start to make. You have new mountains to scale, adventures to experience and places to see. But all of that will come once you have prepared to close the last chapter and through the power of your will, are determined to move ahead.




This eclipse is taking place in the sign of Gemini which is an air sign ruled by Mercury. This is a time to mentally grow strong, plan your next move, and take charge of your life. There is no time to waste and mull over what happened but to focus on your new goals and move towards them. This card also speaks about balance, in this case, mental balance. If you are distracted and unfocused, you may end going nowhere.


These past few days, in my daily posts, we have been receiving the nudge to trust our inner wisdom. Our Oracle card (Visions of life beyond death) is telling us that we are now wise enough to determine what we want and where we should go. We have received too many signs and red signals that are urging us to trust our wisdom. Yet, so many of us continue staying put in negative situations even when we know that something isn’t right for us. The signs are all around you, pretties! When you honor them by listening to and acting upon them, you will be guided further.




And now we have the 7 of swords as our advice card. Look at that sneaky fella trying to escape with all those swords! An important, life-changing truth will be or has already presented itself in your life. You are clearly able to see through someone’s dishonesty now. You are able to truly see who adds value to your life and who diminishes your energy, resources, and time. You may have already or will soon see who you can truly rely on. Trust your instincts when it comes to certain people and situations. Don’t wait for another big mistake to open your eyes and move away from toxic situations. A message on this theme showed up as our Daily Tarot card of the day, as well.




I also want to share an important message which ties in with the 7 of swords and our oracle card, written by Alana Fairchild, author of the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck. ‘You are watched over by life and held in protection. Whatever has been bothering you will not be able to harm you. You will prevail. If you are concerned that someone is getting away with something or blocking your path and it seems there is nothing you can do about it, don’t worry. The All-Seeing Eye of life perceives everything, without exception. It is the Universal mother with eyes not only in the back of her head but in every living cell of life itself. She misses nothing! And the truth of her vision will always be met with justice, mercy, and wisdom.’


Gain a fresh perspective on life as you move through this eclipse phase, beautiful soul. There is nothing to fear with this eclipse. Treat this as a transitory phase where you are moving from one chapter to another. Don’t get stuck ruminating over the disappointments you have encountered in the past but have the courage to move forward and make a fresh start. This time with more determination and focus.


I hope this post brings you inspiration, insight, and encouragement to lead your best life.



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Today, I tried a Tarot spread called ‘Why am I attracted to jerks?’ created by The Daily Tarot Girl. This is a simple 3 position spread that gives you an understanding of why you are drawn to certain types of people or even a particular individual, what part of you needs healing so that you can stop attracting ‘jerks’ and how to break the vicious cycle.


I tried this reading for a client and would love to share my thoughts. If you are a reader and often find yourself or your clients asking the question, ‘Why do I always end up with jerks?’, I think this short and sweet spread will help shed some light.


For the purpose of this reading, let’s address my client as Lily. Lily is a smart and single, hardworking woman in her 30’s who has had many rocky relationships in the past and is still searching for the ‘right one’. According to her, she always ends up attracting these so-called ‘emotionally unavailable’ men in her life. She feels she is ready to give love and start a romantic relationship but is having a tough time finding the right match. She wonders where she is going wrong.



Position 1 – What draws Lily in? Queen of swords + 9 of swords (I decided to draw two cards for each position but you can draw as many as you would like or stick to just one card.)

Position 2 – Lily’s issue. Queen of pentacles + 9 of pentacles

Position 3 – How to change? Sun + 2 of cups




The first thing that struck me in this reading was the presence of the two queen cards which tells me that this has a lot to do with Lily’s divine feminine side.


I think Lily is drawn to emotionally unavailable people or those who are not ready to express their emotions because some part of her feels unappreciated and wants to be punished. When I see the Queen of swords and the 9 of swords, I see the need for approval from an authoritative figure in Lily’s life, perhaps her mom or a woman. It also turned out, Lily shared a very difficult relationship with her mother right from her childhood days. She recalled how hard it was to please her mom who would constantly make her feel like Lily was not good enough. Physical and verbal abuse was a big part of Lily’s growing up years and she constantly tried to win her mother’s affection and approval. I love how these two cards are highlighting this difficult relationship dynamics which originates from the mother but is now reflecting in all her romantic relationships.

Sometimes, due to early traumatic experiences, we get so attached to the pain because it is all we have ever known and experienced. In the absence of the pain-giver, we start seeking others who offer similar pain. In Lily’s situation, she was replaying her childhood role in all her relationships by seeking approval from partners who were not ready to open their hearts to her. Men who did not know how to treat her right. And somewhere, she took this up as a challenge because the child in her still wanted to impress her mother and win her affection. So nothing would feel more satisfying than to impress unavailable men and win their affections.



The second set of cards, the Queen of pentacles and the 9 of pentacles, showed me that Lily clearly has trouble accepting herself and knowing that she is enough. There is a lack of self-care and self-love. The Queen of pentacles and the 9 of pentacles are such high achievers. They nurture without compromising their boundaries. Lily must stop focusing too much on her personal failures and take into consideration all the things she has accomplished and how far she has come. She must learn that she is enough and there is no need to impress or win over anyone’s affection because doing this in no ways defines her or validates her self-worth. Look at that gorgeous woman in the 9 of pentacles card who is comfortable in her skin and will in no way, put up with abusive partners, because she knows what she deserves. She won’t settle!


Finally, the last set of cards drawn were The Sun and the 2 of cups. What beautiful imagery of these two cards! Notice how two people are facing each other and coming together in both cards. Do you see how these two cards are exuding companionship, mutual love and respect, and a happy partnership? Both figures are facing each other and are lost in each other’s eyes.




Lily must understand that a fulfilling relationship will come when both parties involved are ready to take equal steps towards each other and are unafraid of expressing their emotions. A good relationship will not have you chasing after a partner. A good relationship will not come with the need to prove your love or win the other person’s affection. The affections already exist. The two people involved only need to acknowledge and be willing to share them with each other.


Lily must work on healing her divine feminine energy, forgive her mother and make peace with the painful memories of her childhood days and understand that those experiences don’t define her entire life. There is no strict authority figure trying to inflict pain on Lily anymore. There is no need to prove to anyone, anything. And most importantly, Lily should rise above the thoughts of her shortcomings and appreciate herself for her achievements and gifts.


Early on during the courting days, she must evaluate her potential partner carefully. If he has trouble opening up emotionally and is not ready to explore the potential of a partnership, she must identify this and stop investing any further.


Hopefully, this brings some food for thought and clarity to Lily. But there are so many of us men and women out there who keep falling victim to such toxic connections because we have an unhealed aspect of us that is seeking closure and acceptance. If we can focus on healing this unhealed aspect and rising above the trauma, we will automatically bring a shift in our consciousness and will make more careful choices when it comes to choosing the right relationships for us.


Did you like this spread and enjoy the reading? Go ahead and give it a try or, if you want me to do a similar reading for you, send me a message here or write to Sonnyaasiingh@gmail.com.


Thank you for being here and have a blessed week my friends!


Sonnyaa Siingh

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