Happy 1st of October, Gorgeous Souls,




Here are some messages for today (or, whenever you read this message and it resonates with you.) These are messages for us all as a collective and may or may not resonate with all. Therefore I suggest, take what clicks and leave the rest. If you would like to book a personalized session, check out the  Buy a Tarot Reading section or write to me at Sonnyaasiingh@gmail.com. If that seems like too much, just drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram.







This may not be an easy day for many of us. Get ready to hustle and do the hard work. Many small tasks may pile up on our to-do list, today. To lessen the load, make sure you get organized and remain undistracted. Also, don’t take on more than you can handle.



An important ending may be in sight, today. I say ‘important’ because this abrupt ending will lead to a welcome change. Something has to end in order for you to change and transform your life. So whatever makes an exit from your life today, know that there are reasons for this beyond your understanding right now. Trust the process no matter how painful the changes may seem. Also, this change may not necessarily be painful for all. Some of you could be saying good riddance to bad rubbish.



Some people are stubborn by nature and no matter how much you try to persuade them into seeing things your way, they will not budge. If you come across an obstinate person today, save your energy. Don’t waste time trying to convince this person.



I also wonder if some of you are chasing after the wrong people in your lives. Someone who just doesn’t value you and your precious time. Perhaps, this is the person you must wave good-bye to. Instead of wasting more minutes on this person, lessen your load and go in a new direction.



It also looks like the answer to some of your questions today is Change. Many of you are at the end of your ropes with a person or a situation. It is time to say ‘enough’ and chart a new course for yourself. Stop being stubborn yourself and move in a direction that supports your personal growth and well-being.



Blessed Tuesday to All!



Sonnyaa Siingh  

~ Om Namah Shivaya ~

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Tarot card of the week – 8 of wands (Mercury in Sagittarius)



8 wands criss-cross each other and hover over a body of water. Water and Fire are not the friendliest of elements. When water overpowers fire, it can easily put it off.







Staying focused can be a challenge this week. There will be too many things to accomplish on our to-do list, but the discipline needed to get work done may be missing. The good news is that you will have the energy to get things done and situations will move quickly this week.  Delays could even come to an end. But the challenging part is using this energy to your advantage. Distractions need to be kept at bay and we must make most of the favorable situations by striking when the iron is hot.



Emotions are a powerful thing and if we allow them to take control of us, we can end up drowning in the deep waters of moodiness. Some of you need to monitor your responses and reactions this week. Don’t let passing feelings overpower you and thwart your perfectly laid out plans. Practicality and sensibility are needed as we move through the first week of September.



This can be quite an exciting week for singles as well as those in established relationships. The 8 of wands is often called as the travel card so maybe you and your beloved may end up going on unexpected and unplanned trips. Singles, if you are expecting love, this is not the week. Though it looks like plenty of hot, passionate moments could present themselves, don’t pin your hopes on someone you just met. Communication is key and I see an increase in the number of calls and texts this week. Speak clearly and honestly but don’t end up saying too much too soon. If misunderstandings have marred a relationship, this is a good week to work towards clarifying and coming clean.



Mercury’s energy is highlighted in this card and Mercury, as many of you know, is a planet of communication, ideas, and intelligence. This week bodes well for all types of businesses. Come up with new ideas and strategies to market your brand and grow your network. Figure out new and creative ways to advertise your brand in order to reach more people. If good opportunities show up, explore them and take advantage. These offers may not wait for you in the coming days so if you like something, take it. Short trips may come up for some of you so plan your schedule well.



On a spiritual note, too, this week could bring new awakenings and a-ha moments. You could be making fast progress and your intuition will be crisp throwing you clear signs that you cannot miss.





I would like to end this weekly reading by sharing a card with you that I think perfectly blends in with the 8 of wands. From ‘The four agreements’ card deck, we have the message: Speak with integrity.



As I was saying earlier, communication will play a very important role this coming week. A lot can be changed and transformed through words. Your words will impact the outcome of a situation and therefore, it is important that you don’t roll out words carelessly. Think before you speak and may your actions come from a place of awareness.






With this, I wish you all a fabulous first week of September friends.


This is a general reading for us as a collective and it may nor may not resonate with all. Take what applies and use the guidance where applicable in your life. However, if you have a personal situation where you could use guidance, I offer paid readings as well. Check your options from the  Buy a Tarot Reading section or send me a message using the Contact form.

~ Om Namah Shivaya ~

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Hey Gorgeous Souls,


Namaste and Thank you for being here!


Today, I am doing a general reading asking the question – Will He/She contact you? Sometimes in life, we lose touch with a person for various reasons. Fights, misunderstandings, disagreements, distance, break-ups, or the need for space could be a few reasons. This reading is not governed by time so whenever you discover this post or video, trust that there will be a message for you here.


Okay, so at Pile one we have the Sunstone, at pile two we have the Amazonite, and Pile three, Red Jasper. Take a look at the picture below, think of the person and after deciding on your pile, scroll down to read the messages.




There is a video version of this reading available on my youtube channel as well for those of you who prefer videos so feel free to check out the link below.



This is a general reading however if you are interested in purchasing a more personal reading for yourself, please visit my ‘Buy a Tarot reading‘ section or write to me at Sonnyaasiingh@gmail.com


For those of you who chose pile 1, a picture of your cards is listed below.




We have the Star, Recovery, and You Deserve Love cards for you. Looks like there has been hurt and disappointment in this connection. Probably so deep that you two are in a space where you need to focus on healing and recovering from the wounds.


With the Star card, I definitely see that this person and you will make amends and recover from the setback at some point. But I also sense that this may not happen anytime soon. Both of you need to heal and this healing very strongly involves self-love.


While your person is out of touch, do not waste time feeling sorry or upset. You need to re-direct all your focus on your own well-being and healing. Your inner self is craving this love and attention from you. It is also possible that this person had an important lesson to teach you in this lifetime which mainly has to do with you loving yourself more and holding yourself in a positive light.


The sooner you learn to appreciate yourself and heal, the better your situation will get and someday, this person get in touch with you. But you need to get to a stable place first so right now, focus on YOU and DO YOU.




If you were drawn to Amazonite, your cards are Page of Pentacles, You’re ready, and Past-life connection.




I definitely see communication coming from this person because you two share a very deep bond that goes beyond this lifetime and this certainly isn’t over.


Your contact may happen sooner than you think. It could involve a meeting or a practical discussion about the situation you are in. I also feel like this person will bring something concrete to the table this time.


They need to be ready to do this which I feel they are preparing towards so don’t lose hope and faith. The communication is bound to happen soon.




If you chose Red Jasper, your cards are 2 of cups with two extra cards, 7 of swords, and 10 of swords alongside Let Go, and Children.



I do see that this person will communicate with you. There has been betrayal and deep hurt in this relationship. Either of the party has done something that has caused trauma and hurt to the other person.


In some cases, it is also possible that this person has a habit of deceiving you, leaving you only to return later.


Eitherways, your guidance is quite clear – Let go. You need to detach yourself from this person’s energy and thoughts for now. You need to step back and focus your attention on your life so that you can be free of expectations and pain.


Even if this person comes back, I don’t get this feeling that this will be a positive relationship. You need to do something deep thinking and re-evaluation on what this relationship is bringing to you and whether you want to continue with it.


In some cases, children could be involved in this situation. Maybe this person is a parent and they are busy with their life as a parent. Maybe they are in a situation they cannot walk away from and you are an option to them. Or, maybe their inner child needs healing just as yours to stop repeating the patterns over and over again.


Whatever the case, the contact will happen soon but this may not be your best relationship so make wise moves.


I hope this reading helps you in whatever way possible at whatever point of time in life.

Sonnyaa Siingh

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