Weekly Tarotscopes


Hey beautiful souls! Happy Halloween and Happy Diwali to those celebrating.  I was inspired to write the weekly Tarotscopes for the upcoming week.



In these Tarotscopes, I have been open and honest about what was communicated to me through the cards and I understand that some things may not sound very pleasant. Please understand that these are general forecasts for all zodiac signs (Moon and Rising signs included) and nothing is set in stone. Therefore, take what resonates and leave the rest. If you notice, I am also talking about ‘health and well-being’. Many readers don’t do ‘health’ readings. I have only mentioned some mundane possibilities and I strongly advise that you take these lightly and that you don’t rely on Tarot but seek medical attention in case of an emergency or for any matter concerning health. Again, take what makes sense and leave the rest. Most importantly, wait for the week to play out and see what resonates.



These are general readings and if  you would like a personal reading, you can visit the ‘Buy a Tarot reading‘ section on my site or reach me by filling in the Contact form for inquiries. Alright! Onto the messages now.




Ariens, this week is about giving equal importance to all areas of your life and maintaining the balance. In life, we win some and we lose some. While you may not receive something that you are hoping for, something good will also present itself. You must take caution against an individual this week who is reckless, argumentative, and brash. You must also avoid acting like one as this could become your hindrance and lead to unpleasant consequences. Watch the words you utter and carefully weigh your actions. Also, pay attention to your diet. Avoid junk, unhealthy and unhygienic food as you could be more susceptible to stomach issues. Is your body receiving the necessary nutrition? Take note. The way forward this week is to be confident and self-assured.

Spiritual tip for the week: Trust the wisdom within you. You know what to do. Engage in charitable acts.




Taureans, you need closure from a relationship or a connection this week. Something is bothering you giving rise to anxiety, tension, heartache, and pain. You know what to do. Don’t wait and waste time. Be brave enough to walk away from this painful experience. Listen to what your soul is asking you to do. Relationship healing is possible this week. When it comes to general health and well-being, some of you need to pay attention to the signs and go seek medical assistance. Go for a check-up if circumstances ask for it. Do not procrastinate. Relationships of all kinds will be important this week. It could be a business partnership, meeting an old friend, making a new friend, or even going out on a date. Let those positive connections in your life uplift and bring you joy.

Spiritual tip for the week: Expect a miracle this week, Taureans. Something unexpected and unforeseen comes to pass taking you by surprise. Keep the faith.




Gemstars, this week’s energy is positive and opens the door for new opportunities and avenues. You could be doing a bit of traveling this week. This week is also good for planning and exploring your options. If your business or work involves overseas or long-distance clients, expect the arrival of positive news. Gemstars, though it is not very likely for your sign to get overly sentimental, you must guard against emotional ups and downs this week. This is not the week to wear your heart on the sleeves and you must watch against displaying a maudlin temperament. Some of you could be dealing with an emotionally manipulative person/lover who could be playing with your sentiments. Don’t fall for the self-pitying/self-loathing. This week,  you are encouraged to step out and do something fun. Go on a vacation, if you can, breathe some fresh air, accept invitations and take part in celebrations. Keep yourself well-hydrated. If you are going to spend time outside in a sunny location, watch out against sunburns and heat strokes. Mood swings could be high so avoid making big decisions when you are not in a stable state of mind.

Spiritual tip for the week: Do less, Gemstars. Cut down on unnecessary work and keep your schedule simple. Alternatively, avoid going out of your way to do things for others. This week is about celebrating, honoring, pampering and appreciating yourself.




Cancerians, this week your social life is under the spotlight. You may receive many invitations and opportunities to go out, celebrate, get-together and have some fun (maybe whirl and twirl on the dancefloor, too). However, this is sort of a mixed bag week for you, Cancerians. You may also be prone to mood swings and emotional ups and downs. Sleep may be disturbed. Stop giving yourself in places where you are not appreciated. At the same time, stop running away from real problems and emotions and avoid using alcohol or even food as a coping mechanism to stress. Do not trust everyone and everything you see and hear this week. For some of you, the chances of betrayal from a friend are looking high. Pay attention to your diet. Emotional binge eating and drinking are both highlighted. Your body needs nutrition. Also, some of you will need to take care of your neck/back this week.

Spiritual tip for the week: Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up on something because you are weak. Surrendering is no longer trying to control an outcome and allowing the magic of the Universe to step in. Your message this week is to surrender to the divine.




Leo’s this week, you will be working closely with people. Team-work is important so do not isolate yourself or turn down help and guidance. Guidance will come from mature, learned and wise individuals. Take what I am about to say next with a grain of salt and use your own judgment. I am seeing themes of consulting a doctor coming up on the cards for some of you. Whether it is your routine check-up or something that has been bothering your well-being for a while, do not postpone your visit to a doctor and get examined by a qualified medical practitioner. If some of you are already facing health issues, this week shows positive developments and improvements. Some of you may suffer from dehydration as well so keep yourself hydrated.

Spiritual tip for the week: Expect a miracle this week, Leos. Something unexpected and unforeseen comes to pass taking you by surprise. Keep the faith.




Virgos, this week may not turn out to be all sunshine and roses. Emotional issues from the past will need to be dealt with. Some of you may feel cut off from your family, home, and near and dear ones as well. I also sense reluctance in many of you to let go of the past and move forward. Understand Virgos, that you are keeping yourself from making progress, not someone else. The enemy is in the mind not circumstances. I also sense that although something new is being offered to you (perhaps a new perspective, offer, or a chance at something), you are refusing to look at it. Start appreciating what you already have. You will also need to up your level of water intake this week. Some of you may experience body cramps. Take good care of yourself.

Spiritual tip for the week: Virgos, accept life’s challenges for those challenges hold the power to help you grow.




Librans, this could be a pretty heavy week on you emotionally speaking. You may feel like withdrawing from the world around you. Some stress and anxiety are also being highlighted. Do not make big decisions this week nor get influenced by others. Take good care of yourself if you are feeling a little under the weather. Where general health and well-being is concerned, pay attention to your emotional health. If you are prone to experiencing bouts of depression, then you must watch against possible triggers. Going counseling, seeking therapy or seeking help in any matter is advised. I am also seeing some work-related stress involving other people this week for some of you. Keep your communication gentle, be more compassionate and understanding towards others and yourself, and trust your intuition. If possible, do something helpful for oceans and aquatic living beings this week.

Spiritual tip for the week: Librans , stop trying to control anyone or anything this week. As you relinquish control, you release unwanted stress and invite peace.




Scorpions, there could be a lot on your plate this upcoming week. You must take care to see that you are not taking on more than you can handle. Simply put – don’t bite off more than you can chew. Many different tasks and responsibilities on your shoulders could stress you out this week. Watch your back as backaches and spine related issues may come up for some. Also, this week, something may come to an unpleasant ending. This may feel like the final straw that does it for you. Do not lose hope and courage. Face this completion bravely as a new start awaits you. Something that will help you this week is being around and spending more time with family and loved ones. Make time for your loved ones.

Spiritual tip for the week: Dare to be creative this week, Scorpions. Let your unique ideas and inspirations take form.




Are you isolating yourself from all the fun, Archers? I see that this week, life will offer you plenty of opportunities to feel joy and engage your inner child but you may feel withdrawn and alone. Yes, you need some solitary moments, Archers, but only from those who constantly keep taking from you. Turn your focus towards yourself. What can you do this week to support your well-being and growth? It is also important to stop being stubborn and childish this week when it comes to matters that are not rigged for your highest good. You know what these are. Take care of your neck this week as I am sensing that neck issues could come up for some. Some of you may also feel lonely but you are not. There is a whole world of goodness waiting out there for you partake in if only you would allow yourself.

Spiritual tip for the week: Take one negative habit into consideration and work on breaking free of it.



Capricornians, you must watch against escapism this week. Do not run away from your duties and responsibilities else it will all pile up to become unmanageable. I also see trying your best to juggle between multiple options this week. Do not take on more than you can handle. You must also watch your finances and spend money wisely this week. Even in relationships, do not try to run away from difficult emotions and misunderstandings. Clear the air. You may be dealing with someone untrustworthy this week. Do not pin your hopes on this individual. There will also be some important choices to make this week. Pay attention to your neck. I am also seeing a lack of energy and lethargy getting hold of some of you. Manage your time and resources carefully.

Spiritual tip for the week: Pay attention to the signs and synchronicities. They are put on your path for a reason.




 Aquarians, this week you may be battling against negative feelings and may feel restricted and helpless in some aspect. You must work on overcoming the negative self-talk otherwise this can weaken your energy and confidence. It may even blind towards new possibilities and your very own brilliant potential. Stressful situations may come up for you but you must learn to deal with them by remaining calm and through courage. Reconnect with an old friend or someone you have not been in touch with for a while. Try to find strength and inspiration from your past. Help or positive experiences could come from a prominent woman figure in your life such as mother, sister or wife. Some of you may experience body cramps this week. Headaches could also be common. Stay hydrated and use flowers (if you are not allergic) to uplift your energy and space.
Spiritual tip for the week: Become better at one thing this week, Aquashines. Focus on self-empowerment and keep growing.




Pisceans, this week watch against reckless and aggressive behavior. If this is not you, then take caution against someone of this nature who could create chaos and bring unnecessary stress in your life. I see that many of you may not be in the right headspace to make informed and right decisions this week. Avoid acting on incomplete information and resist negative impulsive urges. When feeling confused, it is best to seek guidance from those who are in a position to help you. Some of you also need to take time to connect with your guides in spirit. Set the intention to connect with them and seek advice on matters that are confusing or creating negativity around you. At work too, be willing to seek advice and work together as a team. You must guard against negativity this week, Pisceans. Also avoid reckless driving especially when under the influence of mood-altering substances such as alcohol, pills, or other substances.

Spiritual tip for the week: Be open to spiritual guidance this week, Pisceans. Spirit is communing with you. Notice the signs which are often subtle yet create a sense of peace and diminish fear.



May these messages serve you well. 

~ Om Namah Shivaya ~

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Hey Gorgeous Souls,



Thank you for being here! Below are some messages and insights for the week ahead. The reading was done keeping your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs in mind so do check the messages for all three to see which one resonates for the upcoming week.



These are general messages for all zodiac signs as a collective. If you would like to book a personal reading, you can send your inquiries via the Contact page or visit the ‘Buy a Tarot reading‘ section of my website.



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Aries, make time for rest and rejuvenation this week. Don’t be under the misconception that the more you push to get something done, the sooner you will finish it. Exhaustion can take away your inspiration and drive. The quality of your work could be affected if you don’t take the time to replenish yourself. Take frequent naps if your body asks for it. Take a day off if you are feeling pressured or if your mind has gone blank. Rest and you will emerge will more power and clarity. Ariens, you will also need to take caution this week against outside forces that could be working against you. This could be people or circumstances that may try to come in between your goals or even create a misunderstanding between you and another. Don’t turn a blind eye towards the tell-tale signs. Take care of your relationships, your energy, your material resources and move with more alertness and awareness.




Taureans, this week, you will need to put on your brave face and display courage when it comes to some matters. You will be guided to take some risks which, if dealt correctly, can result in opportunities. Do not be afraid in the face of challenge. Confidently deal with your situation. You can easily tap into this confidence and self-assuredness by taking the time to connect with the Source, the Divine, God. In moments of silence and meditation, and when you connect with the higher power above, you will receive guidance, clarity, and strength to overcome any hurdle. So make more time for this soul therapy during this week.




Gemstars, take very good care of your health and energy this week. Don’t let negative thoughts and worries get to you. Sometimes, we pick up other people’s insecurities, low vibrational vibes, and fears unknowingly during our daily interactions. Wash it all away at the end of a heavy day with the help of a replenishing bath or an energy cleansing practice. Like your fellow Taureans, your guidance too is about making more time for self-reflection and meditation. Make time to have the ‘God-talk’ i.e. connecting with the higher power. Those who are prone to slipping into periods of depression need to take special care this week. Surround yourself with positive situations, things, and people when you are feeling demotivated and muster the strength to fight back thoughts that pull you down.




Cancerians, this week you are encouraged to make better plans and choices so that you can reap fruitful rewards in the days to come. I see the birth of something new this week. This could be an idea, a step towards investment, a project that you are assigned or anything new that comes with potential. Whatever you begin now, remember that hard work, dedication and good strategizing will be needed to make it a success. Like your fellow Geminis, you too must take care of your health this week. Do not ignore the signs that your body is giving you. Minimize and work towards eventually quitting habits that could be having an adverse impact on your well-being. Music holds the power to uplift, inspire and harmonize. Allow the power of music to help you heal and rejuvenate this week.




Leos, this week, you may be called to step up and be of service to others. You may also assume a different role than the one you are used to playing in everyday life. Be prepared to take this responsibility and do your best. Many would look up to you and seek your guidance. Situations may arise where you will need to spread positivity, hope and hold things together. For some of you, discord or misunderstandings may come into play with friends and family members. Keep ego and anger aside and deal with such situations with kindness, compassion, love, and understanding. You lead by example and inspire through your actions.




Virgos, an important announcement or piece of news could reach you this week. A young person’s presence is showing up in your cards. This could be someone who can assist you this week so be on the lookout. Speaking of assistance, you are encouraged to reach out to those who can guide and help you, this week. Sometimes, due to ego or embarrassment, we don’t express our need for support to those around us. Sometimes, asking for help is looked at as a sign of weakness. This is far from true. We cannot always operate as a one-man(woman) army. Teamwork and partnership are known to have played significant roles in achieving success in many lives. Let others know that you need their support and when offered, be open to receiving.




Librans, this week comes bearing positive tidings. An end to a stressful and worrisome situation is showing up in your cards. You may receive news that puts your mind at ease and/or brings you hope and joy. The Universe is guiding you to be of help to someone or something, such as a worthy cause, this week. Sometimes we are the recipients of love and assistance and sometimes, we must take on the role to offer these to those in need. How can you be of service to others and this world this week? You are the peacemakers and the harmony-lovers of the zodiac. Find ways to bring and maintain this harmony in situations that are presented to you in the coming days.




Scorpions, your message this week is, ‘’Say Yes’’. Say yes to life. Say yes to opportunities. Say yes to facing challenges too and mine for the gold in the situation. Maybe its time to say Yes to that long-time partner you’ve been dating. Welcome life through acceptance this week. You are protected from all harm and negativity. As you make way for the new, clear the old cobwebs from your life. Don’t linger in past pain or setbacks.  This week is also about taking action, Scorpios. Don’t wait and ponder any further. Take action with respect to the important decisions in your life.




Archers, this week may feel like a mixed bag. There are good times and celebratory events on your cards and also, some experiences that may bring small disappointments. Ah! Life. With the disappointment bit, you will be shown who or what you must let go of. Pay attention. It may also be time to cut cords with situations and people who are depleting your energy and dampening your mood. Don’t feel bad about cutting them loose. Some of you are also being reminded to stop being too self-absorbed and direct your attention to other important things in your life. You may need to watch against narcissism and self-obsession while some need to stop being overly-critical of yourself. Strike a balance and go enjoy the week!




Cappies, let me open with a positive message. The cards show me that a wish may be granted this week. Yay! The Capricorn goat is known to persistently climb the mountain and reach its peak, often alone. You will work best alone this week, Cappies. So don’t follow the crowd or get too influenced by others opinions, suggestions or viewpoints. Do what feels best for you and express your individualism in everything you do. Original thinking is the way to go. Also, take care of your energy in crowded places. You will also need to take good care of your health this week, Cappies. Saturn bestows a tinge of melancholia to your personality. Don’t let this deepen into sorrow.




Aquarians, your message is to not sweat the small stuff. Don’t let those pesky emotions get to your peace of mind. Don’t let little frustrating matters create big burdens and stress. Yes, some vexing matters may come up this week but instead of getting too worked up, aim to learn the lessons these matters are throwing up for you. One of your lessons and challenges would be to find peace and joy amidst the seeming chaos. Tip – surround yourself with fresh flowers or use flower essences and oils to help lift your mood. Focus on the little positive things in your life and practice gratitude.




Pisceans, this week is about releasing all those stuffy feelings that you have been holding in your heart for some time now. This week is about healing your heart chakra. Put all the lingering sorrowful memories from your past to rest and open yourself to new possibilities and beginnings. Let love in. Explore new connections. You are a natural intuitive and one of the empathic signs of the zodiac, Pisceans. This makes you receptive to messages, omens, and signs. This week, notice what the tell-tale signs are showing you. Pay close attention to problem areas that are throwing up warning signals. This will either help you dodge a bullet or prepare well in advance for the future.




Wishing you a blessed week ahead. Om Namah Shivaya

Sonnya Siingh 

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Hey Gorgeous Souls,


Thank you for being here! Below are some messages and insights for the week ahead. The reading was done keeping your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs in mind so feel free to check for all three.


These are general messages for all zodiac signs as a collective. If you would like to book a personal reading, you can send your inquiries via the Contact page or visit the ‘Buy a Tarot reading‘ section of my website.


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Ariens, this week the Universe is guiding you to have more faith and trust that your prayers are manifesting. Often in times when we are losing patience and hope, we look for a sign from above to tell us that everything is going to be okay. This is your sign to not lose hope. Keep the optimism going. This is a positive week for financial and career matters. I see security, comfort, and growth. If you are seeking a job change, this week could bring some positive developments. If your desire to create something new, this week’s fertile energy will assist you. Just remember to nurture and nourish yourself more. Also, manage your resources well.



Taureans, this week the Universe is guiding you to step back and allow your dreams, desires, and goals the room to grow. Sometimes, the best action we can take is no action. Allow things to unfold naturally and do not act in haste. Wait for things to get clearer before you proceed. You are also being guided to make more time to rest this week. You have been working very hard and now it is time to give yourself a break. You can achieve this through frequent naps, a short break, or even by going on a spiritual retreat. Avoid heavy-duty activities. Perhaps, the upcoming full moon could be influencing you to go into a temporary state of withdrawal to replenish your energy.



Gemstars, sometimes progress means taking just one step at a time. This week is about taking those small yet significant steps towards your growth, development, and ambitions. Don’t worry if you are not making big leaps just yet. Real efforts and hard work will need to go into your goals this week. So be ready to do the practical work. Something new could be offered to you as well. This is an opportune time to start something serious and new such as a new exercise program, a new course, a new hobby, or a new habit. Like your neighbor Taurus, you too are being guided to make more time for rest and replenish your energy for maximum productivity.



Cancerians, you are ready for new experiences and a joyful start as you lay rest to past setbacks and difficult situations. Yes! A new dawn awaits you. This week is about making that transition from the dark towards the light. The Universe is guiding you to host a mini ritual to release the burdens you are carrying from your past. Let it all go and adopt an optimistic approach towards life. Some of you could achieve this healing and replenishment by getting close to a water body  (the natural habitat of your zodiac) or having your own customized salt water bath ritual. Read inspiring material and be gentle with yourself as you move through this week.



Leos, you are being helped! This week, notice how people and situations come together to guide, assist and further you on your path. Be open to accepting this help with zero guilt and doubts. Sometimes, what we ask for comes to pass in unimaginable ways. Help could come to you in such unimaginable yet creative ways. All you need to do is trust and say Yes to what unfolds in front of you. Each blessing and obstacle is rigged in your favor. This week also brings new emotional experiences. Ones that will lift you up and give you the warm fuzzies. Your cup runneth over! Rawr!



Virgos, you may feel like you have all the ingredients ready for your success and you may want to plunge into action. But the Universe is asking you to wait. Bide your time for better results by avoiding impulsive moves. New beginnings and opportunities are very much on the horizon. Yet, some delays actually work in our favor. Do not sign up for anything where you are feeling rushed, especially in business and financial matters, no matter how charmed you are by that salesperson. Be wary of people who may appear too good to be true and full of promises, this week. Give time to see if their words are backed by actions.



Librans, this week is about being spontaneous, innovative, adventurous and bold. You are being guided to follow the stirrings of your heart and pave the way for others by setting examples. You are being guided to step into the role of a leader. Be confident and trust yourself with new responsibilities and tasks.  You got this! You are also being guided to decide for yourself. You have the intuition and wisdom to know what is best for you this week so trust your instincts and take action. Some of you may feel stuck or indecisive. Don’t overthink this one. Go with the option that most resonates with you instead of wasting time procrastinating. Feeling inspired to do something this week? Plunge in.



Scorpions, this week you are being encouraged to invest time in research and learning –  a fine trait that your zodiac is blessed with. Scorpio has the tendency to dig deeper for truth and uncover hidden facts. This quality will prove beneficial this week as it will help you gain more information and make well-informed decisions in the days to come. Similarly, if you are in doubt about a topic or situation, seek answers or consult an expert. A wise, learned person could mentor or guide you forward. Be careful when making important decisions and remember that incomplete knowledge or facts can be dangerous and damaging. This is also an excellent week to learn and explore new topics and subjects.



Archers, don’t let setbacks stop you from dreaming a new dream. In fact, take every setback as an opportunity to dream bigger and better dreams. This week is about tearing down old situations and constructs in your life that are no longer beneficial for you. This week is about letting go of past expectations. A chaotic situation may have lead to some shocking realizations. Some harsh truths may have surfaced recently bringing you a reality check. Don’t let these growth lessons discourage you. Chin up and start afresh. This time, learning from your mistakes and laying a more solid foundation for your dreams and ambition to build upon. Dream big, Archers!



Capricorns, this week is about decluttering and simplifying your life. By doing this, you will eliminate so many unwanted stuff, situations, and energies that are holding you back from your full potential and decreasing your efficiency. Start by clearing objects and items from your space. Keep only what you want and do away or donate items that you don’t need (what a great way to give back!). Tidy up your space to invite fresh energy in and release stagnant energies. You can then focus on an internal decluttering as well. This week, you may have your energy spread too thin. Too many things could pile up if you don’t manage your schedule and tasks with care. Once again, eliminate distractions and unnecessary activities for maximum productivity.



Aquarians, ‘divine feminine healing’ is coming up for you this week. This has a lot to do with your ability to both give and receive. It is possible that some past or childhood experiences, perhaps involving a significant woman in your life, may have created some internal blocks for you. For some of you, this relationship could be the one you shared with your mother. Some difficult emotions may have hardened your feelings and this is impacting your ability to grow and manifest more. If you act too guarded around others or find it hard to express your feelings more openly and honestly, notice why this is. Heal. Say goodbye to and release these experiences and share with the world around you more openly. Give more love to your heart chakra this week and forgive the negative actions of others, especially the women you have encountered in your life. Give more, Aquashines!



Pisceans, this week all you have to do is remain positive and share your gratitude for all the wonderful blessings in your life. Just do this and you will emanate more joyfulness and spread good vibes around. Do not get sucked into others negativity. Being a highly empathic sign of the zodiac, you can be easily drained by negative mindsets. Take care to see that you only surround yourself with and give more attention to those who uplift you and carry an inspiring and high vibration. A wish may come true this week. The more positive you remain, the happier you will be.


Love, Light, and Blessings

Sonnya Siingh 

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