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Hello Lovelies!


Happy Saturn’s day to all and thank you for joining me here, today.


Our oracle card today reads – Purification. The theme of purification is emerging since last evening’s Goddess guidance message. We, as a community and collective, are being guided to detox our life from negative, low-vibrational energies.


This purification may vary from person to person. To some of you, this means purifying your thoughts from negative thinking and influences. To some, it may be time to emotionally detox from old energies. And to some of you, this purification could quite literally be hinting towards physical detoxification. If possible today, eat light and healthy.


When was the last time you gave your personal space a good cleanse? You can achieve this today by lighting incense, smudging sage or rosemary, opening the windows and doors to ventilate your space and getting rid of old junk items.


Sometimes, negativity comes in the form of certain people who are constantly bickering about life and planting fearful thoughts and doubts in others minds. This type of negativity is contagious. You need to determine who in your life is projecting this low vibrational energy towards you. While we can’t always get rid of people who have a bad influence on us,  we can choose to not give power to their beliefs and words and put on an energetic shield to protect our own energy from draining. Today, protect yourself from such people and influences.





Our Tarot card of the day is the Hierophant. This is a good day to honor and respect your tradition and traditional practices. Also, pay attention to the guidance coming from elders or those who are experienced enough to guide you. When in doubt, consult an expert. Do not waver from the tried and tested methods. Do not be a rule breaker. I further stress on this because this is Saturn’s day. Saturn has the reputation of being a hard taskmaster and in his realm, rules and conventional methods are revered and respected. Honoring older people in your life and donating to a cause that serves senior people will also bear fruits, today.


Fortune card message for today



Inkpot: Some areas may be begging serious attention in your life at this time. Avoid delaying this matter any further and work towards resolving it. Don’t get lazy and keep pushing this matter for a later date. Also, be willing to confront serious issues in your life right now instead of running away from them.


May this message serve you all well!


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