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Beautiful Souls,


Happy Wednesday! How is the eclipse energy treating you all?




We have some lovely cards of reassurance guiding us, today. Our oracle card says, ‘Stop overthinking. Keep facing your true north.’ Keep moving, keep flowing, and trusting the path that Spirit is leading you on. If you were looking for confirmation about whether you are on the right path, then here it is. Don’t worry too much and question the things happening in your life right now. It is all divinely orchestrated and you are in the perfect spot that supports your well-being. Don’t rush or grow impatient. Just stay steady and continue embracing the present in the knowing that this wondrous Universe and life force knows what it’s doing and it is doing it for you.


This is also a good day to honor your ancestors and loved ones in spirit. Light a candle, remember them, remember the happy memories you shared with them, the wisdom they shared with you and send them love. I dreamed a beautiful dream last night with my mother in it who was sharing her sage wisdom with me about a confusing matter. I knew it wasn’t just another dream because it didn’t feel like it. The conversations were valid and felt very real.


You may have your loved ones on the other side reaching you out to you in your dreams, or sending you signs and messages. Some signs you can look out for today are finding coins, seeing butterflies around you, hearing their favorite song out of the blue, or just about anything that reminds you of them. These are indications that they are around you, with you, and maybe, have a message for you as well.





With two major arcana cards, The Hanged Man and Death, we are very much moving through big transformative changes at this time. Hanged Man’s Neptunian energy is showing us that we are in tune with our intuition right now and chances of us having those ‘otherworldly’ and ‘magical’ experiences are very high. What appears to be a coincidence is not. Telepathic experiences may be strong. Visions may come through more clearly. (The hanged man is a perfect manifestation of Neptune going retrograde, as well).  It will be best to spend this day engaged in activities that help you relax and stay in a positive zone. Make time for meditation, chants, listen to soothing music, eat nourishing and light food that helps you stay active and energetic, read inspiring material online/off-line.


Do not be intimidated by endings and closed chapters. ‘Keep facing your true north’ and know that all is well. The old is being replaced for new growth and fresh starts.




Our fortune card today couldn’t have put it more clearly – You will be shown the way. Yes, dearie! You will be led through this phase. You will be guided. You are loved and you matter.


May this message serve you well.


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Hey Love Beams,


It can be hard to say sorry sometimes especially when we are on the wrong. Our ego overpowers us and we don’t want to squish our pride by admitting to our follies. However, saying sorry does not make you small or weak. It takes a mature and brave person to admit when they are wrong and apologize. Saying sorry also clears the tension and the lingering negativity allowing the relationship to blossom ( or at least move forward with a clear conscious).


Today’s message is encouraging us to put our pride and ego aside and admit our mistakes if we have made one. Perhaps, there is someone in your life you need to come out clean with and apologize to. Be brave and do the right thing. This will also help you release a huge subconscious burden.


There is also another layer to the guidance today with the ‘Devil’ card and that is to not put up with toxicity. When a relationship is marked by abuse, ill-treatment, apathy and sorrow and when the person you are dealing with is not even ready to accept their mistakes and make amends, do yourself a favor and stop putting up with such BS. You are not a prisoner. You can free yourself from such toxic connections and situations. Don’t condone repetitive bad behavior and accept the ‘sorry, it won’t happen next time’.


Today, let’s mull over this topic. Are we being the toxic person or are we putting up with a toxic person? In either case, there is no need to sustain and encourage this behavior. Work on yourself and if the problem is with someone else, make the right choice.


Have a toxicity-free Monday, friends!


Decks used: The Indian Folktale Tarot & Answer is simple Oracle card




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I was inspired to draw cards from the Whispers of Ganesha deck this evening. The two cards I drew tonight are Steadfastness + Inner knowing.

The ‘steadfastness’ card is evoking the feeling of being focused. The eye of the elephant shows me compassion. And most importantly, Lord Ganesha seated high upon the elephant brings to me the message of not letting your challenges shake you up and bring you down. Of course, this isn’t always humanly possible, isn’t it?

But the second card gives us guidance on how we can try to achieve this state. It is through stillness. You cannot control your outer circumstances all the time. But you can take responsibility for your own energy and choose your reactions. One way is to feel frustrated, depressed, stressed and maybe even lash out at others. The other way (also a better way) is to relax and remain focused on the light within. It is to look for your lesson in the mucky experience and let it build you up and not break you down.

The answers are within and they will come when you genuinely set the intention to find them. They will come when you choose compassion over anger. They will come when you choose to embrace peace and not fear.

Stay strong and don’t let the rough times shake up your faith, beloveds.

Namaste and Love,

Sonnyaa Siingha

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