Goddess Guidance



Today, African/Brazilian Sea Goddess, Yemanya, greets us with the message of ‘Golden opportunity’ alongside the card ‘melancholy’.


My intuitive two cent says, that some of you may be feeling a sense of melancholia this evening or in the past few days. Maybe it’s the loss of something (or, someone), discontentment with where you are in life right now, or accumulated stress that is the cause of your condition.


Firstly, if this low vibrational energy is percolating in your aura right now, it is important to clear your energy and feel fresh. Take a refreshing bath (or, a shower), a dip in the salty ocean (if you can), or prepare your own ritualistic salt water bath with delicious bath bombs, rose petals, essential oils and other paraphernalia that suits your mood. As the water touches your skin, feel it cleanse you on a cellular level of all energetic and physical debris. Soak in the purifying feel. I bet after this refreshing bath, no matter how low you were feeling earlier, you will feel a whole lot better, like you just got rid of some heavy energy.




With this fresh mindset and flow of positive energy, tell yourself that you are now ready to welcome new opportunities. You will no longer view yourself as incapable or belittle yourself. You will rise above small thoughts and trust in the power of this Universe to guide you. That you will now pay more attention to what you feel drawn to, to your creative ideas, and trust your instincts more. That you will now take chances and put yourself out there in the world. That you will no longer fear stepping up, or being ridiculed by others for your age, looks, capabilities, etc and with confidence, explore your options. You will treat yourself with care, love, and make your well-being your number one priority. That you will go for a regular health check-up to understand where your body stands and if there are any deficiencies or areas that need attention, you will commit to taking care of them. That you no longer will worry about past losses, who walked out of your life, or the wrongs that were done to you. You will let karma take care of things for you, while you free yourself from the bondage of hate, anger, frustration, sorrow, and self-pity. Also, commit to having more fun in life through joyful activities and healthy friendships.


Now, embrace this new persona, this new YOU! Prepare to walk through the new door that you have just opened for yourself, knowing that more such doors leading to golden opportunities will open for you as you continue to do all of the above.


Give yourself a hug for being brave and choosing to start a new chapter, today.


Blessed Freya’s day, loves!


Sonnyaa Siingh



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