We all inherit traits and behavioral patterns from our caregivers and the atmosphere we are exposed to from a young age. We adopt their methods to deal with situations during a crisis. Our world of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is painted by those we look up to. But are those we look up to always ‘right’? Sometimes, we don’t even give ourselves the opportunity to explore new ways (better ways) of dealing with life situations simply because we are deeply immersed in the belief that what we learned so far is the best way to go about a situation and it is how things are supposed to be done. And it could be. But what happens when we watch a parent use alcohol to cope with depression? What happens when we grow up living in fear because of an overly dominating parent with anger issues? What about suffering from a low self-esteem because mommy was a perfectionist and she always taunted you with statements such as ‘You will never get an A+.’ ‘I am disappointed in you.’ ‘Why can’t you be more like ‘her’ or ‘him?’





We have all been exposed to this type of conditioning in one way or another. Maybe from our parents, peers, teachers, or people in our environment. But you know what? We are no longer living in an age or time where these matters were pushed under the rug and self-expression was stifled. We are living in an age of awareness where consciousness is ever expanding, tools to handle such situations/behaviors are becoming more accessible and familiar and people are becoming more open to inviting help.




Healers are rising. People are becoming more aware of the need to heal and give themselves the gift of self-love and self-care. We are feeling more empowered to draw healthy boundaries and identify the toxic elements in our lives from the diet we consume to the people we interact with. With this awareness comes the responsibility and power to take charge of our life and the freedom to make choices that support our well-being.



You are not your mother’s depression. You are not your father’s punching bag. You are not your friend’s failure. You are not the dim-wit your teacher or peers made you out to be. You are an exquisite creation of the Almighty, here to experience this journey of life to the fullest. The potential is within you. All the lies that your inner child was fed can be released and healed and you are responsible to take up that task.




Take a moment to identify some of the beliefs and conditioning that you have been carrying around for years that has led to poor self-esteem, addiction, depression, inferiority complex or any other undesirable qualities and weaknesses within you. Once you have identified these, take the little steps that can help you change or transform these beliefs. There are qualified professionals to help you with this transformation such as counselors, life coaches, NLP practitioners, etc. There are millions of books on self-help topics to aid you on your journey step by step. There are spiritual tools such as Tarot and oracle cards and practices such as affirmations, EFT, switch words available to support you on your path.



Point being – Help is available. Resources are available. Knowledge is accessible more than ever. Question is – Are you taking responsibility for your own growth and well-being? Are you utilizing these resources? Are you going to do something about things, behaviors, and qualities in your life that you don’t like or just live this finite life complaining and feeling helpless?


~ Namaste ~

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