Lunar Eclipse


A Lunar eclipse awaits us this weekend on the 20th and 21st of January. A lot of people have reported experiencing major shifts already. Personally, I have had some super intense vivid dreams lately, some of which have felt prophetic in nature. Of course, this energy is manifesting differently in all our lives. It could be dreams for me and perhaps, more synchronistic events for you or something else.


I turned to my guides, guardian angels, and higher self to bring us the guidance and messages we need to hear at this time, at least through this page, and I have to say, the energy this time feels quite powerful.





Beautiful Souls, this is a time of deep cleansing and healing. Even if you are not quite ready to heal, you may be noticing stuff coming up out of nowhere. Some of these could be emotions that you thought you were done with. But no! You still have work to do. The guidance is to make space to let go of everything that is no longer needed on your journey. Take inventory of all the things, physical items, emotional wounds, mental thoughts, and defunct relationships that have no real purpose in your life. Question them and self-reflect to see how these are contributing to your well-being and growth.


Although some would say that Full Moon cycles are the time when we go out into the world and become more visible and let our divine masculine side gain strength, the message I have for you is to focus on connecting with your divine feminine side. Whether you are a man or a woman, get in touch with the gentle side of your being. This simply means that there is no need to push, force, or struggle to accomplish your goals and manifest your dreams. There is absolutely no need for you to be at unrest, mulling over how to fix a problem or how to get to where you want to be or how to make things happen. On the contrary, this energetic time is asking you to do the opposite. Simply BE. Allow things to naturally unfold. Allow situations to come to you. Don’t run or chase. Don’t stress. Relax. Like Osho says, ‘When you relax, it will come.’ This is the way to your manifestation right now.


Most of our adult life is marked by behavior and patterns that originate from stuff that we were exposed to as innocent little children. Our environment, parents, guardians, and situations painted our experiences and molded us into who we are today. Not all of these experiences were pleasant. Some of them may have been traumatizing too. As a result, you now carry what is called a ‘hole in the soul’ – wounds that never got the chance to heal but were buried deeper and deeper into your subconscious and which lead you to put on different masks to cope with the present world. Can some of you identify with these so-called wounds? You see, this Lunar eclipse phase could be ripping open such long-buried wounds and bringing up much discomfort for you to deal with so that you can address and finally come to terms with what you have carried forward for so long. Your incapability to handle relationships and responsibilities, the fuming rage inside, insecurities that have put you in embarrassing situations, or inferiority or superiority complex are all part of such ‘hole in the soul’ wounds.


Of course, dealing with and healing this type of energy needs more than just courage. Sometimes, apart from your own will, you may need outside support too. Do not hesitate from seeking such support from qualified professionals, healers, and supportive loved ones in your life.


No matter how this energy is manifesting in your life, know that something big is on its way. Maybe it will manifest in your physical world or it could be a mental or emotional shift. Be open to allowing this energy to pass. Adopt a gentler and softer approach towards yourself and also towards others. Most importantly, learn to be comfortable with simply being where you are and who you are. Don’t force change or struggle to fight back a situation. Let the power of this Lunar cycle bring to you what your soul most needs at this time to grow and evolve.




And now, I want you to enter a place of stillness and pick a card that you feel most drawn to from the below piles. This card or message will offer you something to ruminate on.


If you would like a personal reading, you can book one by visiting the ‘Buy a Tarot Reading’ section of my website. With this, I wish you all a Blessed Full Moon/Lunar Cycle.



If you were drawn to the first set of cards, your message comes from six of water, Intelligence, and 9 of wands.




Lovelies, what I picked up in these cards for you is the message to create personal space for yourself this Lunar cycle and recharge your energy. You need to focus on refilling your own cup right now. Meditate to the vision of a brilliant waterfall of white light cleansing away all energetic debris from your aura and brightening it up. Say ‘No’ to outside demands and step back from fixing others problems at this time. Your energy is best directed towards your own self. The message of ‘Intelligence’ is asking you to spend time accumulating knowledge and wisdom that can assist you on your journey right now. You may be drawn to a new subject or a book that support your personal growth. Or, this could quite literally mean going back to school, attending a workshop, or registering for a course that adds to your knowledge and skill set. Make space to learn new things that nourish and enrich your mind and soul. I also want you to reflect on drawing healthy personal boundaries for yourself. Where are you giving too much of yourself? Is anyone violating your boundaries? Or, have you isolated yourself a little too much from the world? Let contemplation bring you guidance.


If you were drawn to the second or middle set of cards, your messages come from the five of earth, 2 of wands and the guidance to surrender stress.



You need more grounding in your life, beautiful soul. The fear of the future or perhaps, overthinking your goals, choices, and decisions has become the root cause of your stress. Do some deep breathing whenever you catch yourself worrying too much and bring your awareness back to this present moment. Some of you have developed what is called a ‘lack mentality’. You may be laying too much focus on what you don’t have and this is adding to your stress. You may be feeling uncertain of the path ahead of you. This Lunar eclipse, take out a few meditative moments to surrender all your worries and stress. Know that what you desire and want to create in your life will come to you more swiftly if you stop obsessing over it. Also remember that divine intelligence knows how to get you to where you need to be. Trust this power to guide you. You may even want to spend the next few days engaging in de-stressing activities such as massages, a walk in nature, doing yoga, watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset, listening to soothing music, or enjoying some cuddles with your pet or beloved. Once you let go of all the built-up tension within your body, you will feel lighter, brighter, and clearer which will help you take the next positive steps towards your personal goals.


If you were drawn to number 3, your messages come from the Strength card, six of earth and the guidance to embrace the future.



Beautiful souls, it is said that eclipses mark a period of a significant shift in our lives. Whatever personal shift you are experiencing right now is leading you towards a positive change. A new door is opening for you. It may not seem that way right now as some of you may be fighting your way through a difficult situation. But know that you are rising. The coming weeks and months bring you a new perspective and a positive break-through. Even if the path that is unfolding in front of you is not what you desired or hoped for, walk through it with an open mind and heart. Embrace your future instead of fearing it or brooding over the past. Bask in the early morning rays of the beautiful Sun. Let solar energy power up your aura and bring to you the strength needed to accomplish your goals.



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