I was inspired to draw cards from the Whispers of Ganesha deck this evening. The two cards I drew tonight are Steadfastness + Inner knowing.

The ‘steadfastness’ card is evoking the feeling of being focused. The eye of the elephant shows me compassion. And most importantly, Lord Ganesha seated high upon the elephant brings to me the message of not letting your challenges shake you up and bring you down. Of course, this isn’t always humanly possible, isn’t it?

But the second card gives us guidance on how we can try to achieve this state. It is through stillness. You cannot control your outer circumstances all the time. But you can take responsibility for your own energy and choose your reactions. One way is to feel frustrated, depressed, stressed and maybe even lash out at others. The other way (also a better way) is to relax and remain focused on the light within. It is to look for your lesson in the mucky experience and let it build you up and not break you down.

The answers are within and they will come when you genuinely set the intention to find them. They will come when you choose compassion over anger. They will come when you choose to embrace peace and not fear.

Stay strong and don’t let the rough times shake up your faith, beloveds.

Namaste and Love,

Sonnyaa Siingha

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