New Moon

Beautiful Souls, 

Blessed New Moon and Solar Eclipse to All. 

The ‘Knight of Pentacles’ and the ‘Thinking Woman’ bring us the message today to slow down and rethink some of our goals for the year ahead. It is said that the effects of the eclipses last longer, for months. So what you put into motion now, whether as a thought or as an action, will create a ripple effect and align synchronistic events in your favor. 

Do not be afraid to dream big. I have lived a long time dreaming small and being happy with whatever was given to me. But the other day, I received a message to set higher standards for myself. I also know that a lot of us feel like settling the moment something seemingly good appears in front of us. Maybe because we fear or wonder if this is the best we can get and what if we miss out? This New Moon, let go of these fears. Get clear on what you want, what you will tolerate and what you won’t. Put your happiness first and expect more for yourself.

The Thinking Woman with all those books in front of her is guiding us to spend some time researching the facts. Do not jump into conclusions and take action from a place of limited knowledge. Ask questions. Think. Read. Learn.

I think this is a great year to learn new things and expand your knowledge. You don’t necessarily have to go to school to do this. Technology has given rise to comfort and there are online classes and workshops available in plenty these days. Knowledge is being made available at the tips of our fingers. Books are available in digital formats as well. Make it your goal to accumulate knowledge that best serves you and that will help propel you forward. Whether that means taking up a new hobby, learning a valuable skill that will add more power to resume, or anything that resonates with you. 

Capricorn is practical, hardworking, and steadfast in nature. This is that time where intentions alone won’t do. Thoughts need to be backed up with action and for the ones who are willing to do the groundwork and work their way up, rewards await. 

Love, Light, and Blessings

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Beautiful Souls,

We are in the vicinity of a powerful New Moon which will occur around the 6th and the 7th. As per Vedic astrology, the moon has entered the realms of Scorpio and will remain there for the course of this New Moon. It is also joining Mercury (which is about to finish it’s retrograde motion tomorrow), Jupiter, and the Sun forming a powerful stellium. This is a powerful time in the cosmos and one where a lot of emotional unrest could come up for us. The way I see it, Moon can trigger your fears and play with buried emotions, the Sun will shine the areas that you need to address, and Jupiter will help you extract the lessons and integrate them. Mercury in retrograde will also hold the space for you to review, release, and heal.

I drew cards for this upcoming phase and lo and behold, Lord Ganesha brings us the most precise guidance in two words – Positive outlook. Your mind can play some nasty tricks on you. Your emotions can overwhelm you. You may find it hard to stay focused in the present as your past and the unseen future starts claiming too much time, space and energy.

The way I am planning to/already coping with this phase is by creating an atmosphere of peace at home, by consciously choosing the music I listen to (chants and soothing tunes), carefully choosing the people I let into my space, making more time for meditation and deep breathing (especially when anxiety kicks in), reading uplifting and empowering content online/offline and cuddling with my fur babies. What are your methods of coping with this energy? Please feel free to share.

If you have started feeling this emotional unrest already, don’t let it overwhelm you or trick into exaggerating your fears and illusions. Look what the Hanged Man is guiding us to do – Surrender. The Hanged man’s views of the world and his circumstances are distorted right now. He is seeing things upside down and bear in mind, you too could be picking up a distorted view of your reality and taking it to be the truth. Pause, breathe, and no matter how difficult your emotions right now, let them go.

In simple words, this new moon cycle is about staying focused in the present, not letting your past or thoughts of the future scare you, willfully getting into the energy of non-action (don’t act on impulse or let others push your buttons), surrender what you cannot change or control, and become an observer of your emotions. They will pass.

Scorpio energy is sometimes dreaded because it can be too much to handle for some. But mine for the wisdom in your experience. Let your experience, however bad it may seem to be, teach and empower you. Let your experience help bring positive changes and more discipline in your life.

Be safe and take care of yourself, beautiful souls.

Sonnyaa Siingh

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