The mundane energy of today was positively disrupted when the mailman rang the bell and handed over a package containing something I had been eagerly awaiting – The Everyday Enchantment Tarot (TEET) by the very talented Poppy Palin. Yay!


I have been wanting this deck for a long time now. It was a bit expensive and since I already own more than 60 Tarot and Oracle decks, I have become slightly conscious of my deck purchases off-late. I look back at many of the decks I own today and ask myself, what was I thinking when I clicked on that checkout button? So, I took some time with this one and then couldn’t resist it anymore.


One of the main reasons I was drawn to this deck was it’s modern imagery. I wanted a deck that reflected our life as it is now and was flexible enough to work with. As you will see some of the images below, you will know what I mean by ‘modern-day-imagery’.


Anyway, this is not a deck review but a ‘deck interview’ post. For those wondering what a deck interview means, it is simply a way to bond and connect with your new (or even old) deck by presenting it with various questions. Consider it an ice-breaker. There are many wonderful deck interview spreads that you can use to do this and I have chosen to use the spread designed by Katey Flowers, today.



So, without further ado, let me show you how this works and what TEET had to share with me during our special rendezvous.


After giving it a good shuffle and getting comfortable with its smooth texture, here are the questions I asked:


Question 1 – What can you teach me?

Ace of Wands



”I want you to know that you own the power to create your future through the choices you make in the present. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Each day gives you a blank slate to start over and I am here to help you, if you let me, make the best choices through a fun, free-spirited approach. I hate ‘boring and dull’ and I would love to help you get in touch with your creative instincts. Join me and let’s paint a new picture each day with me by your side.”


Question 2 – Describe yourself

The Magician



”I enjoy my role as a guide and I am full of possibilities and positivity. Most people hate hard work but I can help make hard work look fun, too. I don’t mind digging deep and getting my hands dirty to help you. Sometimes you may not like what you see but together, we can transform everything. I am magic. *wink*”


Question 3 – Describe me



”You are the weird cat lady, aren’t you? (kidding). Well, I think you are pretty flexible with your views, style, and methods. You can understand different perspectives, sympathize with people from all walks of life and help people find a middle ground in the midst of disagreements. You are good at weighing the pros and cons and helping others come to an agreeable and effective conclusion. But do you practice the same with yourself?! Hmm.”


Question 4 – How can we work together?

Seven of coins


”Simple! I dish out good advice to you and it is up to you to accept it or reject it. I will give you plenty of food for thought and put your creative muscles to work.”


Question 5 – What are your strengths?

Knight of coins (reversed)


”I hate being dull and do you see how serious this chap looks in the card? I don’t want to be that dude! Working with me will be fun and you will have to be open to new ways of seeing and perceiving things. I count that as a strength.”


Question 6 – What are your weaknesses?

The Chariot


”I am different and have my own unique voice. Not everyone would agree with me and I can’t help it. I like my freedom so don’t try to constrain me with questions that are sooo black and white. Allow me to flow and tell you a story. You never know what you discover and how many A-ha moments you can have if you catch my drift.”


Question 7 – The outcome of our relationship



”Together we can create some shockwaves. Look! You may not always like or understand the answers I have to offer to you. My guidance can shock you at times. But at the heart of it all, I am only helping you transform. If you are serious about working with me, I will shake up some rigid but useless foundations in your life and help you rebuild yourself (just like the Magician card). You just need to be open-minded.”


Okay, so that my interview with this deck. Phew! Being mainly a claircognizant, answers, sentences, and words just rush to my head and I could feel how free-spirited, freedom loving, fun loving and exotic this deck is. I love it! I will have to spend some time working with it to see how our relationship develops further.


Did you enjoy this post? If you are a reader, then you may like the concept of having a deck interview with your cards. Go ahead and take them for a spin. Feel it’s energy. Understand it’s working style. Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below. I look forward to sharing this deck’s wisdom with you all in the days to come.

Namaste and Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh

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Hey Gorgeous souls,

I am so excited to share my first Tarotscope post with you here. These are some weekly Tarot insights for all signs that were also created keeping your moon and rising signs in mind. I make no claims that this is exactly what will unfold during the week for you but I have created them with the intention to bring you valuable insights during the week ahead. Apply these to your own unique situation as the week unfolds and feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

These are general messages for all as a collective. However, if you are interested in purchasing a private reading, head over to the services section or reach me through the contact section of this site.

Wishing you a good week ahead!



Ariens, if you have been struggling with a situation in your life that has created imbalance, help is on the way. This week, a news or opportunity could bring a sigh of relief. A new job, business venture, or financial opportunity could be presented to you. Weigh your options and make the best decision possible. This is also going to be a hectic week. You may have too much to juggle with on your to-do list. Distribute your time and energy with care. Emotional ups and downs could create confusion. Be practical when dealing with matters of the heart and don’t try to sail on two boats at the same time. Health shows improvement but taking on too much stress can delay your recovery and impact your well-being. Make sure you are not biting off more than you can chew.


Taureans, this week is excellent for taking charge of your life and moving forward with your plans. Mercury retrograde is over and nothing stands in your way, now. Pay attention to your creative energy and explore what you are feeling passionate about. At work, you may have the chance to join a new project, explore new territories, and may be even travel somewhere. When it comes to your emotions, you are being urged to leave the energy of the past and move forward. You are likely to feel more excited and outgoing this week. Explore your life and live it to the fullest. Couples – you may want to think of planning a quick getaway or going on a road trip. Health shows improvement. Just don’t be too reckless and impulsive.



Geminis, the time has come to accept the end of a matter and let go. This week, you are being encouraged to stop turning a blind eye towards matters that have reached completion. An aspect of your life is no longer capable of giving you more. Don’t wait and ignore this fact. Embrace change so that you can move forward. Mentally, this week can bring some stress for you. A work situation could come to an end. There could be some painful events that could affect your personal life. What I want you to remember is that this is not the end of your happiness. View this change as a blessing, take some time to heal and embrace new possibilities. Watch your back this week!



Cancerians, this week, place more focus on bringing emotional stability into your life. You may find it hard to look for the positives in your life and no matter what you have accomplished this far, there could be a sense of unfulfillment within you. Remember, you are not your emotions. There could be moments where you will need to ask yourself to get a hold of yourself and set more realistic expectations whether it comes to work, relationships or any other situation in your life. Another thing I want you to keep a close watch on are your indulgences. Tone down the excesses when it comes to food, drinking, lazing, or any area where you need to bring balance. Emotional maturity is needed this week.



Leos, your stubborn behavior can often keep you stuck to things, places, and situations that are not helpful. This week your message is to stop being stubborn, adopt a flexible attitude, and go with the flow. In life situations at work or relationships, you may be dealing with someone who is stubborn, controlling, authoritative, and perhaps even afraid of making a commitment. There is no convincing or changing this person’s mind and it will help to seek someone else or get away from this person’s radar. On a more serious note, do not stand abuse in any form from anybody. Do not take too many risks with your health this week. You may even want to consider changing your diet to see what best suits your current needs.



Virgos, you may need a new strategy to deal with your life situations this upcoming week. Nevertheless, whatever minor bumps on the road may come up for you, know that you got this. I see you successfully overcoming your challenges if you don’t get distracted, disheartened, are tenacious, and proactive in your approach. There is another thing I want to mention – sometimes, building too high of a tower and being resistant to change can blind you to new opportunities. Be open to change and new ideas. Where health and healing are concerned, your willpower will help you overcome all challenges. Keep your stress levels in check and make room for fun, joy, and laughter.



Librans, there are no shortcuts to success this week. Do not shirk away from your responsibilities and don’t be afraid of hard work. Some of you are not using all your talents and resources to their full potential. There could be mistrust in your own abilities and personal power and you will need to work on changing that this week. Apart from this, this week you will need to tread carefully where investments and other people’s promises are concerned. People may not live up to your expectations and may even you. If you smell something fishy, chances are there is something fishy going on. If you are not exploring all your options when it comes to your healing and well-being, it is time that you do. Try alternatives. Get a second opinion if you are undergoing treatments.



Scorpios, this week, you may need to work extra hard to feel focused, determined, and disciplined. You may feel unstable and ungrounded more often. One thing to do is to get grounded, of course. But also, it is important to break the cycle of stagnation and get your energy moving. From a health and healing perspective, if you are someone who is spending way too much time sitting and working in one place, then you need to step out, breathe in some fresh air, engage in activities that can pump some mojo back into your life, and have some fun along the way. At work too, a fresh approach and perspective will help. Some of you may face issues when it comes to dealing with authorities, organizations, and people in a higher position. If you want to rebel, make sure you are doing so from a place of maturity. Scorpio parents and bosses – being too much of a disciplinarian may not help your children and employees. Take a more understanding approach towards people.



Sagittarians, time to add some fun and action in your life this week. Have you been isolating yourself a little too much, lately? Have you been keeping your guard up a little too much, as well? It feels like this energy of boredom and stagnancy has hit some of your lives and the only way you can change it is by going within, asking yourself what needs restructuring and replacement, and lightening up a little, too. If you are dissatisfied with where you are in your career, it is time to look for change or roles that better suit you. If you have been single too long and are craving companionship, then consider putting yourself back in the dating arena by exploring all your options. To bring improvements to your health and happiness levels, break out of routine and monotony. More work is needed from your end to change things that you are not happy with.



Capricornians, for some of you, this week involves reaping the harvest for your past efforts. Your hard work is starting to show some results or at least bring you clarity on what needs to stay or go in order to create more success for yourself. Having said that, this week also bring you caution to slow down and explore your options thoroughly before sealing any deal. Your guidance is to wait and observe. Let information come to you. Let more clarity seek you out before you make decisions. Apply this concept to all your relationships as well. Don’t be quick to judge. Your intuition is highly charged up this week and will bring you some important insights. Pay heed. If you are going through a health problem, it is possible that you may not have the full picture yet. If you are unsure of something, make inquiries. Also, take a step back from making risky investments.



Aquarians, you may have to develop some objectivity this week and not place too much emphasis on your emotions. Your feelings could be misleading you into making decisions that lack a sound judgment. Clear the air. Some of you may deal with a provocative and slightly manipulative person this week. It is also possible that an offer you had on mind may get rejected or someone in a position of authority may not be happy with what you have to offer. Well, you can’t please everyone, right? But don’t let this bog you down. If someone is unappreciative of your efforts, love, and care, cut them loose and focus on self-love. Also communicate clearly. Hormonal imbalances could be an issue for some of you, as well.



Pisceans, self-care will be super important this week. And sometimes, this means disconnecting from all the worldly demands to seek your own little sanctuary of peace and nourishment. Take time out for yourself to be by yourself and do things that help recharge you. It is best to keep the socializing at a bay this week. When it comes to work-related matters, do your research thoroughly. Things may not be as they appear on the surface. Even in relationships, if there are issues, take the space. Greater clarity will come to you when you are alone, uninfluenced by the voices and opinions of others. This also a good week to contemplate on long-term investment plans. Take care of your spiritual health and your emotional and physical health will get better.

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