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Hey Love Beams,


It can be hard to say sorry sometimes especially when we are on the wrong. Our ego overpowers us and we don’t want to squish our pride by admitting to our follies. However, saying sorry does not make you small or weak. It takes a mature and brave person to admit when they are wrong and apologize. Saying sorry also clears the tension and the lingering negativity allowing the relationship to blossom ( or at least move forward with a clear conscious).


Today’s message is encouraging us to put our pride and ego aside and admit our mistakes if we have made one. Perhaps, there is someone in your life you need to come out clean with and apologize to. Be brave and do the right thing. This will also help you release a huge subconscious burden.


There is also another layer to the guidance today with the ‘Devil’ card and that is to not put up with toxicity. When a relationship is marked by abuse, ill-treatment, apathy and sorrow and when the person you are dealing with is not even ready to accept their mistakes and make amends, do yourself a favor and stop putting up with such BS. You are not a prisoner. You can free yourself from such toxic connections and situations. Don’t condone repetitive bad behavior and accept the ‘sorry, it won’t happen next time’.


Today, let’s mull over this topic. Are we being the toxic person or are we putting up with a toxic person? In either case, there is no need to sustain and encourage this behavior. Work on yourself and if the problem is with someone else, make the right choice.


Have a toxicity-free Monday, friends!


Decks used: The Indian Folktale Tarot & Answer is simple Oracle card




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