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Hey Gorgeous Souls,


Thank you for being here! Below are some messages and insights for the week ahead. The reading was done keeping your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs in mind so feel free to check for all three.


These are general messages for all zodiac signs as a collective. If you would like to book a personal reading, you can send your inquiries via the Contact page or visit the ‘Buy a Tarot reading‘ section of my website.


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Ariens, it is important to get clear about what you want to manifest and set the right intentions this week. Even when communicating your needs and ideas to others, make sure you are not mincing your words. If you don’t ask, you will not receive. If you don’t say it now, you may end up with regrets. Ask for what you want. This week also brings steady progress and stability. Things may move a little slowly but you won’t be left feeling like you are not making any progress at all. Dedication and commitment towards your goals will help you achieve a lot. Don’t slack.



Taureans, you are healing from setbacks and emotional pain. This week, you will notice old pain dissipating, allowing you to experience a fresh surge of energy. You are an earth sign and your connection with mother earth is very strong. Connect with her healing power this week through grounding and centering. It may almost feel like you are experiencing a new birth on some level. New joyful beginnings are on the way. You may receive an offer or hear a piece of news that gives your heart the warm fuzzies. Stay in a receptive place.



Geminians, partnerships may beg attention this week and it is important to clear the air to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication. Some of you may experience conflict and tension in your close relationships. Beware of drama that can lead to heartache and pain. Deal with confrontations in a mature way and be honest. Set the right expectations and be willing to admit your mistake, when you are wrong. It is also important to stay balanced and level-headed this week to avoid negative thoughts from influencing you too much.



Cancerians, you are closing some big karmic cycles this week which could bring in a sense of release and freedom in your life. This week is about clearing some deep wounds that you had safely tucked away for a while now. The themes of ‘letting go’ and ‘being free’ are going to strongly play out this week for you so I encourage you to be brave enough to face old pain and past situations, make your peace with it, and willingly clear it out of your life’s closet. Feel the excitement of welcoming fresh starts. Big insights and spiritual downloads are coming your way so stay connected to your higher self. For some of you, a difficult financial situation may finally come to an end.



Leos, travel is showing up as a big theme for you this week. Either a physical journey is taking place or a spiritual one awaits, where you are closing old chapters to welcome new ones. Either way, this travel brings new insights and positive developments so get ready, get set and go! If you are stuck in a dilemma and are wondering whether to stay or go, the cards are urging you to move forward and explore. Do not limit your options. Many of you are susceptible to picking up negative energy from others so take extra care of yourself this week and put on your protection bubble to keep the bad juju away.



Virgos, you are encouraged to make wise financial decisions this coming week. If you can avoid getting into a cycle of debt, do it. If some of you have shared a tough relationship with money lately or have been struggling to manifest abundance, this week will bring some improvement and inspiration. Yet, you must be careful about where you invest your time and resources. After a period of instability, things are looking better this week. You are in the right place to choose your next project, goals or action-steps. Take your time, though! There is no need to rush.



Librans, your mind may play a lot of tricks on you this week. It is important that you don’t make any decisions in haste and stay optimistic about life. As the Moon wanes, your power and energy may experience a slight dip. You may even feel moody and easily irritated. Take this time to withdraw, rest, and nourish yourself. Keep those negative thoughts at bay. The path ahead may appear very confusing, but it is only a matter of time until things get clearer again. Bide your time till then. Adding fresh flowers in your surrounding will help lift your mood and energy.



Scorpios, something new and wonderful is birthing in your life this week. This could be a creative idea, a new vision, or perhaps even a physical birth for some of you out there. Nurture this idea or this dream until it ripens. Don’t share it with anyone just yet. Let it gain some power and form first. There are strong indications of pregnancy on the cards as well. To whom this news matters, use it wisely. Someone from your past may pop back into your life and a drop a hello this week. You may even feel more strongly connected to your past in some ways. Let your past empower you, inspire you, and make you smile. Don’t let it bring you down.



Sagittarians, this week is about following your desires more closely, forming your own path and taking action. What are you feeling inspired to create and do? Are you feeling like stepping away from the crowd and doing your own thing? The timing is right to pursue the calling of your soul. Be the leader and confidently lead the way. Another important message that is knocking on your door this week, Archers is of Forgiveness. Old anger, resentment, and pain is slowly withering your mental peace. Whom do you need to forgive? You will know who this is. Make peace with the situation/person from your past and let it go. You don’t need this damaging energy in your life anymore.



Cappies, it’s ‘good-bye to the old and hello to the new’ this week. An old chapter is coming to a close allowing you to explore new avenues in life. Celebrate endings. Things are moving quickly this week for you. You may experience a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. You may feel inspired to follow a new path. You may feel like ditching the serious attitude and being more open to new adventures and experiences. Go out and explore life. Someone new may also step into your life at this time. But don’t get too attached or serious about this person.



Aquarians, if you let the negative voice linger in your mind, you will never realize and accomplish what you are truly capable of. This week may bring in challenges. But by clearing your thoughts and daring to face your fears, you will overcome the struggle. You may have instances this week where you will doubt your abilities and skills. Don’t let this stop you from doing what you must do. Courageously step forward and woo the crowd. Root chakra healing may be necessary for some of you. Make time for grounding.



Pisceans, an end is in sight and spirit is reminding you to let go and flow. We often view endings are something bad and painful. The change and transformation that you are undergoing, however, is not something to be feared but embraced. Pain may come up. Fear may arise from within. Unexpected changes may dot your path. All you have to do is stay in the flow and surrender to what is. Let the beautiful plan of your life unfold through the twists and turns you are experiencing. Engage in de-stressing activities this week and don’t cling to drama.


Love, Light, and Blessings

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Hey Gorgeous Souls,


Thank you for being here!


This past week squeezed the living out of me. My older cat, Onyx, had a case of diarrhea and his blood test revealed slightly elevated levels of BUN and creatinine (kidney stuff) which brought on a whole range of emotions within me. My earlier post about the 5 of cups this week on my Facebook page was mainly about him and this experience taught me how to value life, relationships, and connections more. Onyx is on a renal diet for now and finger’s crossed, all should be well. I spoke to some wonderful people last week who supported me emotionally and my takeaway from this experience was to not give too much power to negative thoughts, surrender to the Divine in times of crisis but also to not lose my shit, understand that life and death is part and parcel of this human experience and sometimes, the best that we can do is stay strong and be at ease with whatever is naturally meant to unfold. I made more time to elevate my spiritual connection and thereby work on inner peace. We always have so much to learn and implement in our lives, don’t we? I hope your week hasn’t been as hellish as mine.


Coming to next week’s message, before we jump to card picking, I decided to draw a collective card for us to tap into the energy that will be at play next week. And our card for next week is the King of Cups.



My dear friend, this week too can bring about some emotionally tense moments for you. I am seeing some ups and downs which can affect your mood and state of being. But you have been here before, haven’t you? And you have learned some new lessons on how to manage and navigate through times like these. Use those lessons and skills to deal with any unpleasant situation that may come up. Emotional maturity is needed next week and you will have to work on grounding your emotions so that they don’t drown you in excess of feelings.


Silence is said to be golden. But to silence your inner critic during troubling times can be a challenge. This is where a mindfulness practice such as meditation comes in handy. You may have a practice of your own that helps you find inner peace. Whatever works for you, put it into place more often next week. Some people will benefit from seeking support from others. Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone who can comfort you and gently guide you back to the place of objectivity and stillness. This could be your counselor, grandfather/mother, best friend, a healer, mother, sister, brother, etc.


We are in the Holiday season and so there will be some meet and greets, bondings, and good times, too. It will be easier to express yourself and engage in some heart to heart. I do want to stress the importance of watching your diet and keeping indulgences in check this week. Especially some of you who are prone to spoiling yourself with emotional eating and comfort foods. Financially too, this week is about not getting carried away. That holiday shopping list can be long but be more mindful of the items and things you purchase. It is not necessary and definitely not important to keep up with the Joneses.


And last but not the least, HEAL. There is always some part of us that is need of healing. Some aspect of our life where we need to step up and embrace our full power. When you identify this part of your self, do not hesitate to bare it all and make space for healing. Just know that you are not alone and support will come when you are open to it.


With that, I wish you a happy week ahead. Let us now get to picking some cards for the week ahead. Make yourself comfortable, relax, and let your intuition guide you to the message that will serve you well this upcoming week.



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So if you have chosen your number, let’s get started. Scroll down to read the relevant message and feel free to share and leave a comment, if this post was helpful.



If you picked the number 1, your message comes from the Knight of Wands.


This knight of wands brings to mind the energy of someone who is reckless and who enjoys living life on the edge.


You may need to keep your over-enthusiasm in check this week. There is nothing wrong with having some fun and seeking a little thrill in life from time to time as long as you know where to draw the lines. Though you may be feeling all excited and raring to go, the guidance for you is to slow down, center your energy and approach situations in your life from a calm and composed place. Remember, fire can both warm and burn us.





When it comes to your health and well-being, frustration could lead to anxiety. The temptation to over-indulge may also be high. Stop looking for shortcuts and short-term solutions to your problems. Engage in practices that can help you stay calm and make clear decisions. Drive responsibly.


If you are open to dating, then the ‘Knight of wands’ is someone to be a little cautious of. Sure he/she can show you a great time. But this person is hard to pin down. So enjoy it while it lasts but if you are looking for a serious relationship, careful with the type of people you meet this week.


If life has turned mundane, add a dash of fun to it. Find ways to cope up with boredom and frustration. Head out on a trip or hang out with some good friends.


In a work scenario, too, don’t make commitments that you may fail to keep. While everyone will appreciate your energy and ideas, make sure you are thorough with what you are presenting/offering and keep an eye out for details.



If you picked the number 2, your card is 8 of blades.


You may be searching for magic in your life without knowing that magic lies within you.




This week can come across as a bit overwhelming for you. You may be searching for a release and maybe even desperately trying to break out of the humdrum existence. There could be a sense of boredom, frustration, and not knowing how to move forward from where you are.


First things first, stop ignoring the real problems in your life. Pay attention to matters that are seeking your attention and resolve them. Do not get too lost in flights of fancies by giving your mind a free rein. Instead of viewing your situation as a dead-end, find ways to work through it. Every seemingly bad situation has something good in it. Look for this ‘something good’ in your situation and allow it to empower you to overcome your challenges one by one.


Self-care practices are strongly recommended this week. Maybe you are too busy taking care of others to the point that you have forgotten how to take care of your self. Show yourself some love and give your body and mind some pampering. Obsessive thinking can make you moody and spread melancholia. So take care to see that you are not over-thinking everything.


On an emotional level, you will highly benefit from a positive environment. Seek supportive friends, people, and even groups to help you cope with your situation. Or, just step out and breathe in some fresh air. The woman in this card looks trapped inside the house with a child and a dog. While she cannot abandon them, maybe and just maybe, she could take them all out or hire a nanny and go watch a movie or add some me-time to her calendar, right? She could do so much to gain a fresh perspective. But will she try? You are in this place this week, my friend. The possibilities are endless but you have to break the shackles of limited thinking and try.


Like I was saying earlier, the magic is within you. The power is within you to turn any unpleasant situation around. It may all not happen overnight. But you certainly don’t have to feel like a victim and live an anxiety-ridden life. You can start by exploring your options and taking things one step at a time to overcome your mental challenges first, no matter where you are on your journey.



If you chose the number 3, your card is the King of Blades.


The King of Blades reminds you of the importance of practical thinking and objectivity this week. He brings you the guidance to not let emotions cloud your judgment. To cut through the confusion with clarity and stay focused. Your determination and resolution to get things done will help you get things done. So approach all important matters and tasks with unwavering focus.



When it comes to your emotions, Spirit is urging to you let go of resentments. Holding grudges for past actions and replaying unpleasant experiences constantly in your mind is not helping you. Bitterness could be turning you cold and this season emphasizes on the need for forgiveness and healing. Forgiveness is the way to your healing so let go of past failures and don’t spend too much time focusing others or your shortcomings.


You may be also dealing with authority figures and matters where you are seeking justice. If you are embroiled in a legal situation, this week will be crucial. The vibe of justice is in the air. Otherwise, stay objective, clear, and keep your facts in check when dealing with important matters. A serious attitude is needed and intelligence will win the day.


When it comes to health and healing, focus on the facts and the tell-tale signs that are urging you to make life changes that are important for your well-being.


I hope these messages serve you well this week. Wishing  you a blessed week ahead, beautiful soul.


~ Namaste ~

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