My journey with the Tarot began the day I picked up Paulo Coelho’s book Brida. There was something mystical about the Tarot. Sure I had heard of astrology and read my fair share of Linda Goodman and Claire Petulengro books trying to figure out if my crush and I were compatible back in childhood days, but Tarot was just emerging and the first time I was introduced to them in Dr. Roopa Patel’s femina column, I just knew I wanted to possess my own deck of cards someday. And that day came in circa 2008 when I purchased my very first deck from a local bookstore here in Bangalore. Since that day, even though I have shared an on-off connection with the cards, I knew one thing – I could never get over them.


After years of dabbling with the cards, reading tarot books and countless articles online, doing practice readings for friends and myself, my calling to take up this fine art as a profession came in 2014 after the passing away of my mother, a breakdown of a relationship, and a growing dissatisfaction with my career as an ex-flight attendant and a background verification specialist. I wanted to break free of this humdrum existence but had no clue how. This was also when I took up tarot and Angel card reading as a part-time profession and started offering free readings on my page to get more practice and fine-tune my skills. And then on one fateful day, the messages came. The cards pointed me towards something I had never thought of in my wildest dreams – self-employment.


After being urged a dozen times by the cards to take up Tarot as a profession full-time, I took the plunge. And guess what? The Universe rewarded me for taking this bold step in unthinkable ways and here I am today, building and managing a thriving online business. I have been self-employed since ’15 and now do full-time readings from the comforts of my home for a living.

That’s my magical Tarot journey in a nutshell. 


What type of a reader am I?

Sometimes I get asked what type of a reader I am. My readings have elements of practicality, prediction, and spirituality. Although I hail from India, I do not believe in or offer lal kitab remedies that speak of circling around a tree a dozen times or offering gifts to appease a deity in order to fix your life. I strongly believe in the power of our mind and intentions to give form to our desires and create a life of our choosing. Yes, often pre-destined circumstances do play a role in our lives, but I tell it as I see it in the cards with no sugarcoating.


What type of readings do I offer? 

My most popular readings are sought out through e-mail. I also offer live readings through phone, skype or various other online platforms such as facetime, whatsapp video, messenger video, etc. I can be flexible with timings as well as a majority of my clients are located in different timezones.